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Double Clutch USB Headlamp

Streamlight Debuts Double Clutch USB

Streamlight is excited to introduce the Double Clutch USB, a compact, low-profile LED headlamp that is USB rechargeable, with optional battery back-up.

Streamlight Clipmate USB

Streamlight Debuts Clipmate USB

Streamlight, a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced a rechargeable version of its versatile ClipMate, the ClipMate USB…

Streamlight E-Flood LiteBox HL

Streamlight Launches E-Flood Litebox HL Floodlight

The portable Streamlight E-Flood LiteBox HL uses six C4 LEDs and six wide pattern reflectors to produce a broad, uniform beam of light for illuminating large areas such as a plant floor or rescue scene…

STREAMLIGHT Stylus Pro Reach

STREAMLIGHT Launches Stylus Pro Reach

Streamlight Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance flashlights, today introduced the Stylus Pro Reach, a sleek, pen-sized flashlight with a flexible cable extension…