A Gun Owner’s Political Backup Plan

A Gun Owner’s Political Backup Plan


Montezuma, Iowa – There is a little more than a week before the election that determines the direction of our country for the next four years. If you believe the polls, the presidential race appears to favor an anti-gun candidate, and gun owners have good reason to be concerned. What’s our backup plan? As head of the federal government, the President has a lot of power, but remember that Congress actually makes the laws we live by.

The outcomes of critical U.S. House and Senate races on November 4 will be as important for the future of our Second Amendment rights as who wins the White House. Our votes-and our dollars-make a much larger impact in these races than the run for President. Even if the Presidential race doesn’t go the way you want, you can still have plenty of influence on how our country is governed in the coming years. This also means that a crucial Congressional race in a different state may also have a huge impact on your Second Amendment rights.

A great example of a candidate who will vigorously represent gun owners everywhere is Jim Gilmore, running for U.S. Senate from Virginia. From his deep commitment to the NRA and fantastic service on its Board, we can tell you Jim will be a strong Second Amendment Senator. If Jim gets elected, we all win, regardless of where we live. We need people like Jim Gilmore in Congress – regardless of who wins the White House.

Many other good pro-gun House and Senate candidates are fighting tough races, as they put on a full-court press this week into the late hours of next Monday. They need our help. Something you can do today is make small donations to some of these Senate and House candidates (up to $2,300 for federal races).

Pick the ones that represent your values and the way of life you want protected. They can accept donations from anyone anywhere in the country, and all of them have websites, like Jim Gilmore’s where you can make your donation today. This is how we do it:

1. Review the Electoral Vote website to find close races.

2. Check the NRA’s ranking of the candidates at www.NRAPVF.org

3. Find Senate and House candidates who will represent our firearms rights, and donate to their campaigns.

Please join us in taking positive action right now, while there’s still time, before next Tuesday. Support pro-gun candidates for Congress, and help defend our gun-owning rights against possible negative fallout from the Presidential election.

Frank & Pete Brownell – www.Brownells.com

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