ISSC And Austrian Sporting Arms Show M-22 Pistol At SHOT

ISSC And Austrian Sporting Arms Show a M-22 Pistol At SHOT Show

ISSC And Austrian Sporting Arms M-22 Pistol
ISSC And Austrian Sporting Arms M-22 Pistol

Austrian Sporting Arms
Austrian Sporting Arms

Orlando, FL – Austrian Gun-maker ISSC and US importer Austrian Sporting Arms will be presenting the new M-22 Pistol at the 2009 Shot Show. The gun, designed by Austrian designer Wolfram Kriegleder, will be displayed at the Camfour Distributor booth. Kriegleder, who designed Walther’s P-22 pistol, will be at the Camfour booth to demonstrate the new gun and answer questions from show attendees.

“I am very happy to bring a new pistol to American shooters, ” says Kriegleder, “especially a gun that was developed in response to what American shooters told me they wanted to see in a target and shooting firearm.”

The M-22 is chambered for 22LR caliber and will be available in both 3.5-inch and 5-inch barrel versions. Both models will come with adjustable rear sights, match barrel, contoured grip and multiple safeties. Magazine capacity for both guns is 10 rounds.

The M-22 is imported by Austrian Sporting Arms, Ware, MA, and will be available for commercial distribution Spring, 2009. MSRP for the basic model will be approx. $400 and the gun will be finished both in all-black or black frame with nickel slide. More information is available from Austrian Sporting Arms.

For more than six centuries austria has been home to some of the world’s greatest gun makers, a proud tradition embodied in the unique firearms now being produced by ISSC. Austrian sporting arms is proud to be the sole importer of ISSC firearms, beginning with the revolutionary m-22 pistol, designed to meet the needs and desires of American shooters. Uses the newest technologies to produce the most unique and innovative guns for today’s shooters.

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tried gun with cci mini mags and it works great. guess one should always follow

what the manufacturer recommends. b t w,

most manufacturers of 22cal autos recommend

cci minimags for their guns. stocked up on a bunch of solid points at gun show for $7 per 100 bullets. something about cci's that bring out the best in a gun.


The gun works best when using the recommended ammo.

Mine works best on the CCI

no jams, but must keep it cleaned

breakin time was 400 rounds then has worked great, this applies to the newer model.


this gun sucks…….i cant find the website of austrian sporting arms to send them an email how their gun misfires, doesnt feed well,

doesnt eject, and ive used different types of ammo.

if anyone knows the email address of this company plz send it

to [email protected],com

thank you


improve it, or you lose it!!!!………; the ISSC MIIIOOO. sincerely alan


not the best gun i've ever bought.

marc stein

great gun……..nice feel will test it out soon…has definite feel of a glock

marc stein

just purchased the gun. nice feel. came with 2 springs one for hi vel ammo and for standard 22 ammo. havent taken it to the range but will report after. nicely made gun so similar to glock.

David Strum

please forward retail prices on all issc .22 cal. thank you David Strum


I just bought one of the ISSC 22's in Asheville, NC at Capital pawn for $200.00. In case your looking.


Well I just picked one up and must say I am very displeased.I have tryed all types of ammo and all this thing does is jam and missfeed.The safety falls down in safe mode when fired after one or two shots and the front sight does not sit tight in the slide and moves all over. If you are in the market for a 22 this one I would pass on.


They had some problems with the first runs of the gun, jams, but have since worked the problems out. I have one and love the gun. Austria Arms MA distributor made things right and was great to deal with.

Gerry Backhaus

I just saw the ISSC M-22T 22LR at the NRA national convention here in Phoenix. I asked the person at the booth what the cost of the pistol was and he said about $350.

I want to order one and need to know where and exactly how much it will be.