SHE Outdoor Apparel Announces Olympic Trap Shooter Corey Cogdell As National Spokesperson

SHE Outdoor Apparel Announces Olympic Trap Shooter Corey Cogdell As National Spokesperson

SHE Outdoor Apparel
SHE Outdoor Apparel

Houston TX – -( Olympic Trap Shooter and member of the USA Shooting Team, Corey Cogdell has joined the SHE Pro Hunting and Shooting Team as a national spokesperson for SHE Outdoor Apparel.

“We are honored to have Corey on our pro staff,” said Pam Zaitz, President of SHE Outdoor Apparel. “Her experience and advice will be a tremendous asset as we develop new styles for the SHE Shooting Collection and our other lines as well.”

Olympic Trap Shooter Corey Cogdell began shooting around age 3 in her home state of Alaska. Like many of us she recalls plinking at whatever safe target presented itself at a very young age. She also began hunting with her father around that time. With the help of a local 4-H shooting program, she discovered a love of shotgun shooting and honed her trap shooting skills. From there, she went on to train for Olympic style trapshooting and after just two short years of training became the only member of the USA's 2008 Olympic women's trapshooting team. In Beijing Corey got down to business, securing Team USA's first Olympic Medal.

While not competing for the USA Shooting Team Corey enjoys being an avid hunter and outdoors woman. Growing up in Alaska Corey hunted big game but has developed a love for bird hunting and has become an avid bow hunter as well. Corey enjoys working with various youth and women's hunting and shooting organizations to introduce new people to the outdoor sports. Corey is also a member of Cabelas Pro Staff and has appeared on numerous outdoor television shows.

“Corey joins fellow Olympian Kim Rhode and several other accomplished women as part of the most elite team of outdoorswomen in the industry,” stated company CEO Brian Zaitz. “The SHE Pro Hunting and Shooting Team puts our apparel through rigorous field testing that ensures we exceed standards of performance and design.”

In addition to the SHE Shooting Collection, SHE Outdoor Apparel, creators of the original SHE Safari, also offers SHE Upland, SHE Camo and SHE Style Collections. For more information

SHE Safari has defined itself in the outdoor apparel industry as being focused on designing and providing attractive and functional apparel for women’s expeditions. We like that definition. Whether we are designing women’s safari, upland, field, camouflage or shooting garments we take great pride in our attention to detail. First, our products must fit they way they should, second we must insure that we are using perfectly designed materials and construction in our garments, third the product must have balanced functionality and fourth the result has to be attractive in the end. By combining these essential mindsets equally to women’s wear our goal is to provide you with the best fitting, best wearing and best looking outdoor apparel you have experienced.

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