Springfield Armory 3.5” Ultra Compact 1911 Pistol

Springfield Armory 3.5” Ultra Compact 1911 Pistol

Springfield Armory 3.5” Ultra Compact 1911 Pistol
Springfield Armory 3.5” Ultra Compact 1911 Pistol

Springfield Armory
Springfield Armory

GENESEO, IL – -(AmmoLand.com)- Our 3.5” Ultra Compact pistol comes with all the loaded features you have come to recognize in a Springfield pistol.

All of our pistols under 5” come equipped with ramped, fully supported barrels. Not all 1911-A1 manufacturers offer this important feature for total reliability.

Built on the same frame as our Micro Compact® with an additional ½” of barrel length, you will not be disappointed in the ease of concealability the Ultra Compact offers.


BARRE L 3.5” Fully Supported Ramped Bull
SIGHTS Fixed Combat 3-Dot Tritium
WEIGHT 33 oz

George Washington ordered the creation of Springfield Armory® in 1777 to store revolutionary ammunition and gun carriages. In 1794 the armory began the manufacture of muskets for a young country. For the next 150 years, Springfield Armory® functioned as a supplier for every major American conflict as well as a “think tank” for new firearm concepts. In 1968, citing budgetary concerns, the U.S. Government closed Springfield Armory®. Now, the walls of Springfield Armory® would house historians, paying homage to the past rather than those with an eye to the future…until 1974, when a passionate family by the name of Reese would rescue not only the name “Springfield Armory®,” but the philosophy that drove it for centuries. With reverence for the legacy of the Armory, the Reese family resurrected the most historically significant designs produced by The Armory- M1 Garand, 1911-A1, M14 –and fueled by the same obsession for improved manufacturing techniques and cutting edge design that inspired the likes of John C. Garand, and John Browning, they’ve continued to develop products that are loyal to Springfield Armory’s heritage while ensuring The Armory’s

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Bill Fleming

Also you can call Springfield and get history of gun


I have a 1911 Stainless Steel Springfield Ultra Compact 45 Cal, serial N3505xx. I would like to know when it was built. I inherited it a few years ago. In my opinion it is a beautiful expression of a 1911. Day one I knew it had issues so it was a matter of deciding which parts I needed to replace. It would fire one round then it failed to eject so I completely disassembled it and cleaned it completely. I used a dowel with a slit cut and some 400grit sand paper and aggressively “polished” the feed ramp on the… Read more »


Springfield finally replied to my email and told me the manufacture date for my 1911 ultra-compact it was built June 7th 1996

Mike Rowlett

Does the ultra compact 45 have a recoil spring plug or is the guide rod hole just open? My gun cycles just fine but it just seems odd that the guide rod hole is open Thanks Mike in Texas

Mike E.

We’ll, I guess I’m not getting a Springfield Ultra Compact after reading some of these comments…..


an ultra compact springer is like a hot rod car, you have to do some work on it in order for it to function properly, and when it functions properly, it is a dream to shoot. gun lovers have no problems learning, and the only way to learn particularly with firearms is with trial and error.

Phil Jones

I have two I have one that came with iron sights and one that came with carry sights. The latter is the one that has stove pipe issues.

The fist one is a dream.

Tracy M

I have an older Ultra Compact with the staked in front sight. Does anybody know (definitely) where I can obtain a fiber optic front sight replacement for this? I was considering having a gunsmith cut in a dovetail for a new sight, but decided against that if I can find a stake in replacement with fiber optics.

Thanks for any help, suggestions.

Don R

People, People.. Springfield has a lifetime warranty on this weapon and will pay shipping both ways for repairs. Send it in, when it comes back it will operate like brand new and there is no cost.. for those slower of us that is $0.


what if im not original owner?

MIke G

Chris B, I’m new to 1911s and have an ultra compact. I’ve had several issues. I’ve had ejected shell casings hit me in the face VERY frequently, failure to feed and failure to eject. So far, I have adjusted the extractor, polished feed ramp, and filed the ejector. My next purchase will be new mags to see if they help with the feeding issues. What spring and pin did you replace? Any other additional info would be most helpful. Thank you.

chris Bazany

Have a older Ultra Compact 45 ACP, love it! It was purchased used from a dealer at a show. Owner was frustrated with jams, and stove pipes. After inspection, feed ramp was never polished or worked on. As well as any other work. Springs where very weak, and overall condition was poor. After a good cleaning, level 2 tear down, spring & pin replacement, beaver tail as well due to comfort, trigger and hammer assembly all by Wilson Combat. I NOW HAVE A SUPER SHOOTING 45! And it looks and function great too! Lol! Ret/ Dis USA Sgt Chris Bazany

Sgt chuck giampietro

I would like to know what year my Springfield ultra compact was built serial # n481… Thanks

Ed Yesko

hi I have the first 1911 spring field armory ultra compact. I would like to know when they were first made. [ year ] thank you.

pat Laino L.D.A.

third request pleasae 45acp ultra compact springfield what IS WRONG NOBODY CAN GET THIS WEAPON WHY??????????? PLEASE LET ME KNOW NO LOGIC………….

pat wilkens

what do i do polish a feed ramp and what to use i will being to but a spring armory ultra 45 acp what problems will i hsve/.. please advise pat..


Have owned a few 45s, currently a Para GI with extras that I installed and a Para Warthog. My SA Ultra Compact is on the way. IMHO 230 ball ammo developed before the 1911 was adopted to the US military was a completly different animal than todays loads. The white box Winchesters from Walmart would not feed in my Warthog, but ok in the GI. So I tried Federal and no jams, but still kicked hard. After some research I have been using the very affordable Federal 185 gr JHPs in both my 45s. Flawless in both and much less… Read more »

Mark LaCaSee

I have a Springfield Loaded 1911-A1 Stainless that looks like The Ultra-Compact but is a full 5 inch. It does not & did not come with Tritium Night-Sight inserts though it did come with the Novak low mount "look a- like" night sightst. I was advised it did have night sights when I bought it at a major Springfield dealer. Be careful of this issue as the confusing info. given on the Springfield Web Site is intentional and Springfield wants an additional $150.00 to now install the tritium inserts….


I have a Springfield Ultra Compact .45 which I purchased new from Springfield Armory with the looaded package several years ago. When I first received the gun I polished the feed ramp, which I do to ALL my carry autos. I then fired over 800 rounds over several days during qual week at my agency. I DID NOT have ANY malfunction,NONE. I will not carry any weapon which is prone to stoppages. Since then the little gun has thousands of rounds through it, with same results. I carry it in condition"2" and would like to find a Blackhawk SERPA-CQC for… Read more »


condition 2? as far as I know, the only weapon capable of being carried condition 2 is a revolver…


Better go back to school. Read on condition 2


Carry 2… One in chamber, full clip, hammer down

Ray Pereira

I have a Springfield micro compact 45. All stock. Has be shooting great until recently where it will stove pipe on occassion and now will not lock back upon discharge of the final round. I have using the same 230 fmj ammo. I have fired about 1000 rounds now. Any thoughts?

Joey meyer

I had mine do the same thing. Gunsmith found the magazine catch was damaged and wasn’t holding the magazine high enough. Hope this helps


i would rank the springfield ultra compact right along with my remington 597 for all of the problems. you would think after being in business since 1798 they would have all of the kinks worked out especially for a $800-$900 gun. i guess im just venting a little but there agein what ever happened to pride in quality.


I own a Springfield .45 Ultra Compact which I bought as a (CCW) Concealed Carry Weapon. I clean and lube my pistol religiously after each fireing, load only high quality ball ammo, but still have occassional feed jams. I also own a 9mm Beretta 92F, also for CCW. I purchased it when I attended the POLICE Academy. In 12 years since I purchesed it, I have never had a single malfunction, feed jam or problem. To compensate for the standard 115 grain bullets, I load 145 grain hollow points. This is not an endorsement for any make or model of… Read more »

john glass


I have a Springfield Ultra Compact .45 which I bought used. Had problems from the get-go with stovepipes and it feeding hollowpoints. Ended up replacing the extractor and polishing the feed ramp and it works fine now. Very accurate and a pleasure to shoot. Recoil doesn't bother me but usually wear a shooting or golf glove when firing it. Easy to conceal and lighter then full size 1911 which I also own — a Springfield 1911 A1.

Bob Long

I have the best Springfield 1911 carry gun, it is a high capacity 45, I use the Para Ordance double stack mags and have 12 plus one, to shoot with. But, I dont know the model, bought it used, seond hand, it is green and the front site has green paint on it. I have sent the serial number to Springfield but have not heard back from them. I am looking for a Hogue or Packmayr grip for it. It does have a little bit of a bite due to the 3.5 inch barrell. If you could help me, in… Read more »

Bill Fleming

I have 7 Springfield Ultra Compact 45acp 1911’s. One is the HC/ double stack, 2 are V10’s, one st/Black and one blue. Two all stainless, and two multi- color (1 green/ black and 1 blue/ black. These along with 4 full size and 3 Commander size. I’ve found that clean and quality ammo is the first thing for a smooth operating 1911. Secondly, keeping the feed ramp clean, smooth and polished, and run it kinda wet. Instead of putting a drop of oil on cloth and wiping, I put a little extra.

Bill Fleming

There were no other grips made for the double stack. I have looked everywhere to no success