DOUBLESTAR UNVEILS NEW 1911-AR Manufacturer Enters Handgun Market

DOUBLESTAR UNVEILS NEW 1911-AR Manufacturer Enters Handgun Market

DoubleStar Corporation
DoubleStar Corporation

Winchester Kentucky -(Ammoland) Accuracy, reliability and American pride. They are qualities DoubleStar builds into each of its many AR-15 offerings. Now, the Kentucky-based manufacturer is bringing those same attributes down to size by building them into its first-ever handgun.

DoubleStar’s 1911 has been a four-year labor of love for Jack Starnes, president of J&T Distributing, a DoubleStar affiliate company. Starnes is a former 1911 competitive shooter with a longtime fascination with all things Colt. He started J&T Distributing more than 30 years ago with Colt products and reloaded ammo as a means of supporting his own shooting hobby.

Doublestar 1911
Doublestar 1911

“What we set out to do was produce a high-quality 1911 that delivers match gun performance at a production price,” Starnes said. “We accomplished that and more.”

The handgun uses only American-made components and retails for less than $1,200.

DoubleStar started with a forged — not cast — steel frame to ensure maximum strength and accuracy. Forging produces a stronger frame by aligning the grain structure of the steel, whereas the annealing and heat-treating of casting may strengthen steel, but it still leaves hard and soft spots in the metal.

DoubleStar’s 1911 offers a parkerized, mil-spec finish and 1913 rail for laser, light and scope attachments. At 8 inches in length and 38 ounces unloaded, the handgun features a 5″ stainless steel barrel and a Novak white dot sight.

The 1911 is standard with National Match stainless barrel, Greider trigger and Ed Brown’s Memory Grip Safety. Grips are available in Ergo, Stryder, standard, fancy walnut and even exotic woods.

“We think it’s important to give buyers options that allow them to create a semi-custom handgun, yet the price doesn’t reflect that customization,” Starnes said.

The magazine capacity is 8 plus 1, and the magwell is beveled for an easier, quicker load. DoubleStar’s 1911 is also available with a round or square trigger guard.

Manufacturer: DoubleStar
Model: 1911
Caliber: .45 ACP
Finish: Parkerized
Weight (unloaded): 38 oz.
Length: 8″
Barrel Length: 5″
Trigger: Greider
Sights: Novak white Dot
Capacity: 8 + 1 rounds
Grips: Buyer’s choice (Ergo, Stryder, walnut, other woods)

DoubleStar Corp. is a Kentucky-based firearms manufacturer specializing in tactical weapons for the law enforcement, military and shooting sports markets. More information about DoubleStar’s product line is available on its website at Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-736-7725 toll-free from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time Monday through Friday.

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Charles Nicholson

Great priduct, but not that great. The govt. won’t need gun control if your msrp is any indication of the future. Sorry, maybe if I win the lottery, no make that two lotteries.

Bernard Dorgan

Taurus has the same 1911 with laser and sight railings also. I've found it online for $534.00 and $575.00. At least we middle class men can enjoy the new 1911's as well as the Wilson and Kimber people do. Actually, I am impressed with the features to cost ratio of the Taurus 1911 AR. And change out the grips with the new Taurus Walnut Grips and you have a .45 second to none…Bernie Dorgan


This is excellent news. I've never known anyone displeased with a DoubleStar piece of gear. I've got this DPMS stripped lower sitting here waiting for the rest of the bits, and thinking this would be a good place to get them. I am a 1911 man from way back, I can trust DoubleStar products to be what they claim, but when I see a price tag over 4 figures I blanch. I'm in the middle working class, you see. Half that listed price, I'd be right there today. Military discount for retirees?