Gun Parts Opens Their New Website Gun Parts Opens Their New Website

Brownells New Website Video Preview - Click to see the cool video demostration.
Visit the New Brownells Website – -( Is a shooters super-site for gunsmiths and fans of firearms.

The new Brownells website features gun parts, firearm accessories, gunsmithing tools and shooting supplies, but that is not all.

They have added an improved search engine, more products and more videos and how to manuals. Not to mention all the cool features on the other Brownell's site

Brownells AR-15/M-16 Magazine Maintenance Video
Brownells AR-15/M-16 Magazine Maintenance Video

More than three generations ago Bob Brownell founded on three words:

  • Selection
  • Service
  • Satisfaction.

More than seventy years later Brownells strong foundation still rests upon those words (read about our history).

For over 70 years, Brownells has been providing quality Gunsmithing tools, gun parts and service to the firearms industry. For all but two of those years, there has been a consistent brand image, the oblong horizontal shape of our catalog and the graphical design of our Brownells logo.

For all of those years, these two uniquely, identifiable products have stood for our promise of service, selection and satisfaction.

Take soem time to check out all the cool features packed into the Brownells New Website.

Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of firearm parts, gunsmithing tools, reloading equipment and accessories. Stocking more than 30,000 items, the company supplies armorers, gunsmiths, and shooters worldwide. All of their products are backed by a 100% satisfaction, unconditional, lifetime guarantee. For more information, or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit

19 thoughts on “ Gun Parts Opens Their New Website

  1. trying to order a part for S&W 4046–your web site does not even recognize that model of S&W ????What is wrong here? better start all over again-this one does not work!!!!!!

  2. Why is it unless you’re. Uikding an AR or whatever happens to be “HOT” at the moment, factory replacement parts are always out of stock? I’m not talking obsolete guns either. I’ve got customers wanting to keep their guns in factory condition and won’t accept after-market parts from another manufacturer. I’ve tried several times to order a man ejector rod housing and have been told they’re supposed to be here on so and so day, but never arrive. Same with a S&W factory barrel for a 628.

  3. I’m a 31 year gunsmith. I’ve ordered from you guys for most of that time. When I started, placing an order was a pleasure. I talked to a very friendly sales rep, and was off the phone in a few minutes. Now, most of the time I can’t even enter the website because it won’t accept my password or some other minor glitch. And why the narrow margin of gap between gunsmiths prices and catalog price? There’s no room for markup to even cover shipping.

  4. I have a turkey special 10 ga. side by side. Made by American arms co. I’.m looking for a stock. would you have any in stock. Thanks John.

  5. I have had a problem trying to log on to your web pg. tried to re establish a new account but that didn’t work either

  6. I am in need of a replacement barrel for a remington model 1100 20 gauge LT , vent rib, with a improved cylinder choke.
    Do you have this item in stock I cannot find it on line.

  7. I ordered two items, but forgot to enter my free shipping code that were good thru 11/29/2015. Please call me at this # ( 240 ) 304 4192 thank ypu,,

  8. I live in New Zealand, and own a Redfirld wideview (with the flattened eye bell). Have broken the reticle, and wonder if you coul advise me where I could order a new one. I’d ptefer a 30/30 sniper style but will take what I can get. Best regards, Eric.

  9. I have tried to use your website and can’t get it to work.

    I want to order some tools and parts and it doesn’t respond to me.

    Have sales call me at (907) 523-7989 (Alaska time)

  10. I just tried to order some snap caps, but couldn’t remember my account number and password (not sure I ever had either). I have an old “Customer Number, which was 628308, from an old catalog. However I get at least two emails weekly at the email address shown above, yet was just told that there was no record of me at that email address. Whatever, I want to open an email account, so tell me how to proceed. Thanks

  11. I got an old catalog (#52) of yours and need two sets of scope rings listed in there.
    1 set quick detach # 947-300-100, 1″ Low Reg
    1 set permanent mounting rings # 947-303-011, 1″ Low Reg
    These parts are in your catalog 52 on page 275/276
    Can you help me with these parts?
    Kind Regards

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