Customs Pocket Knife Grab Update

Customs Pocket Knife Grab Update

Washington, DC – -( In response to a number of queries, please don’t anyone assume that nothing is happening in our effort to stop Customs’ Pocket Knife Grab just because we can’t yet discuss it all publicly. There is a LOT going on behind the scenes right now. We’ll make an announcement just as soon as we can.

Having said that, all this politicking under a very tight time deadline does not come cheap and we don’t get a second chance. In order to play with the big boys, Knife Rights has engaged Mark Barnes & Associates to represent us in our lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C.

We are working closely with NRA, AKTI, CCRKBA and others to help protect our pocket knives.

It’s worth noting that virtually every Member of Congress heads home for the July 4th holiday, in large part to attend celebrations and meet with their constituents. If you happen to run into one of your Senators or Representative at a July 4th event, please take a moment to ask them to help stop Customs’ Pocket Knife Grab. Be polite, non-partisan and sincere, and if they tell you it’s nothing to worry about, suggest to them that they are being bamboozled by Customs and to take a closer look. Nothing beats a personal, one on one, request for action. All the facts are available in our Comments submitted to Customs:

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