Opencarry.Org Urges Maine Legislature To Reject ‘Sell-Out Compromise’ On State National Park Gun Ban

Opencarry.Org Urges Maine Legislature To Reject ‘Sell-Out Compromise’ On State National Park Gun Ban

Maine – -( According to an NRA alert at, certain groups are unfortunately working hard to make a very bad bill slightly better . . . so it can pass and succeed at sharply restricting the right to bear arms in Acadia National Park! urges the Maine legislature to reject the so -called “compromise” LD 1737 which would sell out gun owners by discriminating against everyone but people with concealed firearms permits. Moreover, the sell-out deal would leave even lawful concealed carriers susceptible to federal weapons violation charges if their handgun became accidentally exposed while hiking or changing clothes at a camp site.

The “compromise” result would also be irrational as open carry without permits would still be legal on the streets and sidewalks of every village and city in Maine, from Roque Bluffs to Augusta, and in White Mountain National Forest and the vast majority of other states’ National Parks, from Massachusetts to California! See

Accordingly, is urging gun owners to demand that their legislators reject this sell-out effort.

Congress finally did the right thing and ordered National Park bureaucrats to respect state gun carry rights, a proven rule long followed in all National Forests and Bureau of Land Management lands. Maine’s legislature should now stand tall and reject the sellout compromise version of LT 1737.

Carry on!

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After all, it’s not like there’s a National Park exception to Article I, Section 16 of Maine’s constitution which declares:

“Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”