Urban Shooter Update – March 12th 2010

Urban Shooter Update – March 12th 2010
This week on the Urban Shooter Podcast (USP) # 156

Urban Shooter Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(AmmoLand.com)- “I have heard the afflictions of my people.” The constant barrage of violence that is plaguing Philadelphia is making the residents take sides against the rest of the state of Pennsylvania.

Misinformation, pain, and loss fuel this debate.  Interfaith groups and clergy seeking to stop the madness usually choose a mantra that is well meaning but not sound.  In episode 156, I play a piece of rap music created by a talented man named with the stage named of Sun Tzu.  I want to eventually go to “Philly” and have an informal town hall meeting of sorts and see what “trouble” I can stir up and help a few more people understand what 400 years has done to some urbanites.

With the help of www.freemodemedia.com I was able to tighten up some of my website and improve the readability of the USP app.  I have an artist creating a new logo for a baseball cap for the warmer weather (whenever it comes) and another for a new Zombie target.

With the help of about fifty listeners of the USP I received some great information about what to do to help a widow sell her deceased husbands firearm collection.  It really depends what state you are in.

Zombie Strike Part 22 was one of my best for me because I have learned how to pace my speaking and edit on the fly making the process faster.  The author Derek Ward, took the opportunity to introduce a firearm I just fired at the SHOT show, a lever action, .500 cal. carbine by Big Horn Armory, Inc., and put it as a tool to decimate a zombie head.

Also I got the chance to interview Dr. James A. Tantillo, “who teaches ethics and environmental philosophy at Cornell University and sits on the board of directors for Orion – The Hunters’ Institute, will deliver a keynote address titled The Morality of Hunting: “A Damnable Pleasure.” Plus, participants will get the chance to examine the differences between hunter ethics and hunter preferences during breakout sessions hosted by Tantillo.”

Hunting can get bypassed sometimes by us city people but its still a solid tradition and good way to get food.  Kansas Hunter Education Program, Wayne Doyle,620-672-5911,[email protected],


And finally, I share the methodology behind how I do a lot of the things I do.  I have the notes available as a free downloaded ebook if anyone wants it.  All they have to do is ask.

Thanks again for joining me this week.

Shalom baby,
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