ArmaLite Announces A Limited Run of AR-10 Rifle In .243 Winchester

ArmaLite Announces A Limited Run of AR-10 Rifles In .243 Winchester
For The First Time In 6 Years!

ArmaLite Limited Edition AR-10 In .243 Winchester
ArmaLite Limited Edition AR-10 In .243 Winchester
ArmaLite Inc
ArmaLite Inc

Geneseo, IL –-( For the first time in six years, ArmaLite is producing its AR-10 chambered in .243 Winchester. This limited run is the direct result of customer requests for an ArmaLite chambered for the ultra-accurate .243 ammo.

The .243 Winchester round fits this AR-10 platform with no alterations.

It has much less recoil than .308 rounds. Because of its high speed and accuracy, the .243 makes this ArmaLite perfect for game including deer and coyotes.

The first limited run of AR-10A4’s in .243 has just come through the line. A second run is set for this Summer. Contact your local ArmaLite dealer for details.

The AR-10A4243BF features:

  • ArmaLite’s two-stage tactical trigger
  • A 20” match grade chrome moly barrel
  • Picatinny gas block
  • Flattop Picatinny upper receiver
  • Forward assist
  • One 5 round and one 10 round magazine

ArmaLite has one of the broadest product lines in the firearms industry. We manufacture and sell semiautomatic rifles in a variety of calibers including 5.56mm and 7.62mm, long range super-accurate bolt action rifles in calibers including .308 Winchester, 300 Winchester, 338 Lapua, and 50 BMG, and classic 9mm pistols. Visit:

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Bob Berg
Bob Berg
6 years ago

But is it good for hunting Deer? What are the draw backs of owning a gun like this?

Stephen SS
Stephen SS
10 years ago

It is true that Armalite like AR-10 Rifle has one of the broadest production line in the firearms industry, because of its accuracy and its features.