AG McMaster Is No Friend Of Gun Owners Despite Flawed NRA Rating

AG McMaster Is No Friend Of Gun Owners Despite Flawed NRA Rating
Whose Rating Should You Trust?

GrassRoots South Carolina
GrassRoots South Carolina

South Carolina –-( On May 22nd AG Henry McMaster announced that the NRA had given him an him an “A+” rating in the June 8th primary for the Republican nomination for Governor.

We at GrassRoots were surprised and disappointed, because we had previously compiled a study of McMaster's record as AG. Our research showed quite clearly that McMaster is no friend of gun owners. McMaster has, in fact, worked against our interests. Our study was published on the front page of the May 2010 issue of The Defender. If you would like to share it with friends, its available online.i

People have been asking how GrassRoots and the NRA could be so far apart in their opinions. We can not speak for the NRA, nor can we find any evidence to support their “A+” rating. What we can do is explain how we at GrassRoots determined that McMaster is a poor choice for gun owners.

GrassRoots believes that the best way to predict what a politician will do in the future is to look at what he has done in the past. We went through all of McMaster's published AG opinions as far back as 2005, to see if they were good or bad for law abiding gun owners. Most of his AG opinions have nothing to do with guns. Some that do involve guns really don't concern GrassRoots, law abiding gun owners, or CWP holders. These gun related opinions that do not concern us include the legality of a school offering a class in gunsmithing,ii whether reserve and off duty officers may carry on school property,iii and whether a convicted felon may hunt with a muzzle loader.iv

An AG opinion that does greatly concern GrassRoots, and that should greatly concern our members and CWP holders everywhere, is the one dated March 5, 2009, where AG McMaster said counties may ban CWP carry in county parks. South Carolina law says CWP holders may carry in county parks.v

SC also has a firearms pre-emption law (§ 23-31-510) that prohibits local governments from regulating the carrying of firearms. Oconee County passed an ordinance banning firearms in county parks. In spite of the pre-emption law, AG McMaster issued an opinion stating any local government could ban CWP carry on public property within its borders if it posted signs giving notice that CWP was banned.

McMaster claimed the pre-emption law does not apply to CWP carry!

GrassRoots gave a detailed analysis of McMaster's March 5, 2009 AG opinion in our The Defender article. We concluded that his opinion misinterpreted SC law generally, and could become the basis for undercutting the entire CWP law. We said “Gun owners need to let McMaster know how they feel about his anti-gun opinion.”

GrassRoots says Henry McMaster is bad for our state's gun owners. The NRA gave him an “A+” rating. GrassRoots has explained why we believe McMaster is bad for SC gun owners. Has the NRA explained why they think he's good for SC gun owners? Has the NRA explained its “A+” rating in spite of McMaster's March 5, 2009 AG opinion?

Once again, GrassRoots finds itself in total disagreement with the NRA.

Which organization has been proven right in the past? Which organization has given you the facts on which it bases its conclusion? Which organization can you trust for honest answers on issues important to South Carolina gun owners and CWP holders?

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The mission of GrassRoots is to educate and promote acceptance of responsible firearms ownership within the State of South Carolina and to protect the rights of law abiding citizens with regard to firearms ownership. Initially we focused all of our attention on merchants who posted against the lawful carrying of concealed weapons in their stores. Since then we have broadened our scope and are currently increasing information delivery to all firearms owners, SC concealed weapons permit holders, and firearms instructors. As GrassRoots continues to grow we will further broaden our objectives to improve all aspects of lawful ownership and carrying of firearms in South Carolina. Visit:

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