Brownells Sponsors Third Year Gunsmithing Program

Brownells Sponsors Third Year Gunsmithing Program

Des Moines, Iowa – -( Development of the third-year Gunsmithing program began with conversations between the college and Brownells about the need in the industry for gunsmithing graduates who understand the firearms business, including retail sales, inventory control, counter sales, customer service, dealing with vendors, and management functions. Pete Brownell’s vision for this program was that it reflect real world employment in a working gun shop environment.

“Students come out of the gunsmithing schools with the knowledge and ability to build and repair guns, however, they have not had enough time to experience running a business,” said Brownells President Pete Brownell.”Whether they want to start their own gunsmithing shop or to work for someone else, they need to know how a business operates. That’s why we teamed up with Trinidad State Junior College (TSJC) to start the third-year program.”

The TSJC Gunsmithing Department Advisory Committee began work on developing a third-year gunsmithing curriculum and resolving challenges to get the program started. Brownells provided $250,000 of funding for facilities remodeling plus the inventory and equipment for the new retail-repair facility that has been named the Brownells Trinidad American Firearms Technology Institute.

Students will learn through hands-on, practical experience in the new retail/repair shop, as well as in classes provided by instructor “Speedy” Gonzales and other college gunsmithing and business instructors. Additional ‘Gunsmithing Business Practices’ and ‘Gunsmithing Shop Management’ modules will be taught year-round by experts directly involved in the industry. Working gunsmiths, gun shop owners and managers can choose to attend modules of particular interest to them.

“Our intent is to open and operate a real life gun shop with third-year students who will provide top quality gun repair, parts, and services for gun owners, collectors and hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts. We will offer retail, repair, bluing, reloading, and even some light manufacturing,” said Gonzales.

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