Introducing the FX45 Series 1911 Pistols from ATI

Introducing the FX45 Series 1911 Pistols from ATI

ATI FX Thunderbolt 1911 Pistol
ATI FX Thunderbolt 1911 Pistol
American Tactical Imports
American Tactical Imports

ROCHESTER, NY –-( American Tactical Imports, a worldwide importer of firearms, is proud to announce the release of the FX45 Series, a .45ACP caliber 1911 pistol series from Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines.

The impressive ATI FX45 Series includes five pistols priced from $449.95: the ATI FX Military, the ATI FX GI, the ATI FX Thunderbolt, the ATI FX Titan Blue and the ATI FX Titan Stainless.

The ATI FX Military weighs 2.31 lbs. and is 8.5” long. The 1911 has a 5” barrel, all steel parts, a matte black military front and rear site, a military slide stop and safety lock, solid mahogany grips, 8+1 magazine capacity and a MSRP of $449.95. This single-action, semi-automatic pistol is compatible with many different brands of 1911 magazine.

The ATI FX GI weighs 2 lbs., is 7.9” long and has a 4.25” barrel. This gun has all steel parts, a matte black military front and rear site, a military slide stop and safety lock, 8+1 magazine capacity, solid mahogany grips, and a MSRP of $449.95. The FX GI, like the FX Military, is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol and is compatible with many different brands of 1911 magazine.

The ATI FX Thunderbolt weighs 2.4 lbs. and is 8.7” long with a 5” barrel. It sports chrome steel parts, a picatinny rail, 8+1 magazine capacity, mahogany, textured grips, and white dot LPA Bomar sights. The MSRP is $699.95.

Both the ATI FX Titan Blue and the ATI FX Titan Stainless weigh 1.76 lbs. and are 6.9” long. The Titans have 3.13” barrels, low profile rear sights, dovetail Front sites, two-stage recoil spring systems, military slide stops and safety locks, 7+ 1 magazine capacity, and mahogany grips. The FX Titan Stainless has all chrome steel parts. The Titan Blue has a MSRP of $519.95 and the Titan Stainless is listed at $599.95.

American Tactical Imports is the exclusive U.S. representative of quality firearms, ammunition and equipment from around the globe. They have quickly established themselves as a reputable and recognized importer. ATI replaces the manufacturer as the exclusive representative in the distribution chain, only selling to legitimate distributors in the United States. To order American Tactical Imports’ products, inquire about its distributors at your local gun shop.

ATI FX GI 1911 Pistol
ATI FX GI 1911 Pistol
ATI FX Military 1911 Pistol
ATI FX Military 1911 Pistol
ATI FX Titan Blue 1911 Pistol
ATI FX Titan Blue 1911 Pistol
ATI FX Titan Stainless 1911 Pistol
ATI FX Titan Stainless 1911 Pistol

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  • 33 thoughts on “Introducing the FX45 Series 1911 Pistols from ATI

    1. Have the 1911 Military, 45/22 Combo Does ATI sell lower frames Would like to build separate 22 using the extra slide,barrel and mags

    2. Joshua, spend $50 and install the Kimber guide rod and spring assembly. You’ll notice how much better built it is than the factory one it currently has. This should take care of your “failure to feed” issues. Hope this helps and Happy Shooting.

    3. Well, I’m physically located here in Phil, a newbie when it comes to guns and 1911 (although I have 2 1911’s)and pardon my English too. I just stumbled to this article because I just got my SAM/ATI Thunderbolt. And i just test fired/break in test using 50 round Armscor/Rock Island Armory 45ACP hardball ammo, Just sharing the results, 1 out of 50 rounds that I shoot, I have experience a failure to feed (well probably normal) The SAM Thunderbolt came with 2 ACT 8 round magazine and as the range officer recommends , load 4 to each mags since they are fairly new.I’ll be trying out 2 new 10 rounder mags one from MecGar and one from Chip McCormic in a few days or so.Any experience with these two 10 rounder brands with SAM? I intend to have the Thunderbolt as secondary weapon and my other 1911 which happens to be Armscor as my far I find SAM Thunderbolt a reliable 1911,and I may plan to install a light/laser pointer..Any recommendation?

    4. 29 May 2015

      Guys, just got an ATI FX45 Fatboy LW (10-rds). Deal is though, it only came with ONE 10-rd magazine. Does anyone have OR know where I could get some more magazines (at least one) for this .45-cal 1911 with a 10-rd capacity? I prefer it in black (the magazine).

      Thanks, guys.

      San Diego, CA

    5. I concur with all of the positive reviews above. My ATI Commander is a great pistol, reliable and accurate. Superb value and quality do not converge very often, but this ATI GI series gun hits the mark.

    6. I picked up a slightly used ATI Titan .45 Officers Model for $260 at a local gun shop. The wood grips were a little scuffed but $20 for some Hogue black rubber wrap around grips fixed that and completely changed the look of the gun. I had read several reviews about the flimsy guide rod assembly as some previous posts have stated. $50 for a Kimber guide rod assembly and this thing is good as GOLD. I’ve put over 500 rounds through it using both the ACT factory mag and a CMC match grade mag with zero issues. As for holsters, I am sold on the N82tactcal Professional holster. I make sure they make this holster (Professional) before I purchase any guns now, it’s that good. When you shop their site, there is no brand names for ATI or Rock Island. I purchased the holster designed for the Colf Defender as the measurements are identical. It fit like a glove and I couldn’t be happier with the overall package now. Great gun and a Great holster. Check it out at (

    7. Mike on October 5, 2014 at 11:30 PM said:
      Per the question by Mike regarding his FX GI 1911….. and finding a Crimson Trace laser for it. Yes, it appears to be a standard full size 1911 layout on the frame and Crimson Trace makes about 25 Lasergrips to fit this 1911. The range from wood and G10 versions to the standard black rubber LG-401G with a green laser diode. And most 1911s with the Lasergrips on will continue to easily fit into many holsters designed for the 1911.

    8. I have an FX GI 1911….. Having a hard time finding whether Crimson Trace makes a laser for this….anyone?

    9. Just got my ATI 1911 Military! I baught it for the slide and frame! Thinking I’d just refit everything to have a good gun! I don’t know what they’re doing over at Shooters Arms Manufacturing, but the Barrel, Bushing, and Slide, are nice and tight! And the Slide action is smooth as a babies bottom! I’m afraid to make any changes, thinking I might screw that up! I thought my first S.A.M Iver Johnson was smooth! I am totally IMPRESSED! Especially for the price!

    10. The FOBUS holster for railed 1911 WILL NOT FIT the ATI FX Thunderbolt. So don't waste you time buying one.

    11. Glad to see most folks are as happy with their ATI as I am my own… guess you can't please everyone. I had been looking at reviews on youtube and reading reviews on various websites for months and trying to plan when I was going to purchase one. Lo and behold, I walk into my local gunshop, and the owner had just unpacked the FX45GI, its the commander sized frame. I picked it up, held it in my hand, and told the man to put it behind the counter so I could beg "Momma" for it. Went back the next morning and made my purchase. Since, I have put about 200 rounds of FMJ down the tube in a little over a week with no issues at all. Although I will say that it has problems when I try cycling JHP by hand, gonna purchase some better mags and try actually firing some JHP. I have let three different experienced shooters fire this pistol, and every one made me an offer for it! I don't think for my money that I could have purchased a better 1911, or any other pistol I would enjoy as much as this one. I will be buying another ATI, hung between the thunderbolt and the smaller version. I highly recommend this firearm to anyone looking for a 1911, cant see adding $600-700 to purchase a name.

    12. I just wanted to say that I just purchased my first ati fx Titan today.. I was a PJ in the air force and did 12 years in law enforcement I've had many of weapons in my hands but none have felt as good as the one I bought today…I hope I have as much success with mine as I've read about…

    13. I own a ati 1911 fx .45 acp. I have put this gun through hell and back. I have never had any problems with this gun. The factory magazine only holds 7 rounds which sucks because its made to hold 8. But if you put the 8 rounds in the gun won't Load it gets stuck. I got another mag n now it works great. Great gun but not so great mag. Wouldn't mind gettin another one. Shoots straight n doesnt jam.

    14. Just purchased my 2nd ATI in less then 12 months. Today was the Thunderbolt. This was an opportunity that could not be passed up. Price was right, already was primed and ready to buy if the timing was right. Today was the day!! Have not had a chance to do anything but hold it and admire it. Trigger time is this week end. Looking forward to it. It is a quality crafted weapon with obvious attention given to everything the big bucks would have bought. When you pull the trigger its all about having confidence in what you are holding in your hands and the ultimate delivery. Its good looking, well made, and I know the specs have been met. Why would anyone want to pay more? Folks, you have got to check them out. There is an ATI 45 meant for you. I have as said earlier, more then a couple, each is great in its own right. Sure I have spent the big money on name brands and they do the same thing as the ATI. TRY ONE!!!!

    15. all you guys with rail problems finding a holster, bag master mfg,ink,st louis mo,i have laserlyte, laser max, and crimson trace and the solved all my problems very well made holsters give them a try bob

    16. I have a thunderbolt made by SAM its kinda heavy but it aids in recoil management. The fit is superb which is equal with very popular brands ……to those who are not brand concious this is a good and reliable firearm. It shoots well with no issues. Parts of other popular brands are interchangeable on this keeper.

    17. Cheap is cheap no matter what the item is; buy a $500 soffa and 6 months later the cussions are flat and the springs are pokeing you in the but. Same here, cheap pistol price, cheap pistol preformance. From my experence, these cheap 1911's are ok for a nite-stand gun ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN A LOW CRIME AREA!

      Buyer be ware!!!

      1. Yadda, yadda, not all of us have the lanna to spend on high dollar guns.. Love my ATI first because it’s all I can afford, one mans JUNK in another mans BEST.. You got yours so why the need to throw off on mine, I’m glad you got yours, also glad I got mine.

        1. @Dewy, You realize, of course, that you are replying to a six and a half year old comment. Harley121 is probably dead by now.

    18. BobReed9391, perhaps it would have been better to buy a 1911 more suited to what you wanted in the first place. I've never had a problem with customer service. But then again, I've never tried to 'enhance' my pistols from ATI. I just bought what I wanted in the first place.

    19. I want to start by saying that I love my FX 45 Military… when it's functioning. I hate ATI's customer support.

      To put it bluntly, ATI's customer service SUCKS! When I first purchased my FX 45 Military, I had a minor problem. When I removed the grips, the grip bushing came out of the frame so that the grip screw and bushing were in the grip when I removed it. No problem. I didn't want to put a pair of pliers on the threads of the bushing that was stuck in the grip without having a replacement in hand so I called ATI and they said they'd send me some screws and bushings. I waited for six weeks. I then called ATI again only to find out that someone had dropped the ball and the screws and bushings were never sent. I was assured it would get done right away and a few days later, I received the screws and bushings. Problem solved.

      I then embarked on installing some Trijicon night sights. The military sights on the FX 45 were extremely hard to remove so I called ATI's customer service. I called several times but got customer service's voice mail every time so I left a message each time. I finally circumvented their customer service phone menu and was able to speak to a live person who assured me that the sights were not attached in any special way. I had to cut out the rear sight with my Dremel tool and a cutting disk. I had to drill out the front sight tenon to get it out. I installed my sights without no problem and they are awesome! By the way, ATI finally listened to their voice mail and I got a call back a week later.

      My friend has an FX 45 GI. He saw my sights and asked me to install some on his 1911. Should be a snap, right? WRONG! I installed the front sight with no problem but when I tried to install the rear sight, the dovetail was way way way too big. It was nowhere near military specification. You'd think the measurements would be the same as my FX 45 but they were not even close. The Trijicon rear sight flopped around in that dovetail like a fish out of water. We're going to weld in some shims and try to fit that rear sight in that dovetail. Apparently, the quality control on these 1911's leaves a bit to be desired!

      The saga does not end there. I then decided to Duracoat my FX 45 Military with a matte black finish. It came out way better than I expected. I love Duracoat. I waited five days for the Duracoat to cure properly before going to the range. During my shooting, my hammer cracked at the back below the thumb pad. If you pull your hammer all the way back, the thumb pad may touch the beavertail. The hammer cracked in that area right below the thumb pad across the back. I was not happy but hey, if you pay $400 for a 1911, you should expect some crappy parts. I called ATI and you guessed it, voice mail… with a twist! Their voice mailboxes were full so I couldn't even leave a message! I called three times and then went to plan B; I circumvented the voice mail system again and spoke a receptionist of some kind. I told her that when I call customer service, it goes to voice mail but their voice mail is full so I can't leave a message. She said, "Well, there are only two of them down there. They're busy."

      Once I get my new hammer from Brownells, I'm sure I'll be happy with my FX 45 again. It's a great shooter. My minor problems became major problems because ATI's customer service is HORRIBLE! BUYER BEWARE!

      1. Bob, I appreciate your detailed review. My only question is, why would anyone buy a vollswagen and try to turn it into a Ferrari?

      2. I just called ATI customer service about a bushing, they answered 15 minutes before business hours and immediately sent new bushings out no problem. My experience couldn’t have been better. Hopefully they hired more people when they moved to S.C.

    20. For almost 50 years (since age of 12), I've been armed in one fashion or another. We grew up hard, out in the wilderness and firearms were a way of life for us.

      Follow that with a 22 year career in the Marine Corps and a 15 year stint in law enforcement and I believe I have enough experience to say that my time with the FX GI 1911 and my FX Titan Blue (my carry piece) has turned into a love affair that makes my wife jealous at times.

      Perhaps I was lucky, perhaps it was S.A.M.s attention to quality control, but I've had fewer issues with these pistols combined than I ever had with my Kimber Custom Classic. And the Kimber, was a masterpiece of manufacturing. I carried the Kimber with the S.O. and trusted it completely……………. after about 400 rounds down the tube.

      My A.T.I. pistols have had three failures to feed (attributed to ammo), two failures to fire (also ammo related) and one failure to extract after firing, due to a broken extractor, fixed at the range. This is the total number of problems I've had with these guns.

      So, enjoy your time with these fine pistols. You could do a lot worse.

      Semper Fi,

      1. Hey, Wheeler. I’ve recently bought a nice clean used 2010 FX Titan stainless model # ATIGFSX45TIS I’m not
        happy with the trigger pull, 7 1/2-8 lbs. Did you have your trigger lightened up and if you did, how did you go about doing it? with the two-stage recoil spring set up, (unlike the G.I. model), I am not having any luck finding not only a trigger
        kit, (if at all needed), but someone who is so fixated on the G.I. slide set up that I’m not even sure if I want them
        taking “my” 1911 apart. any input from you would be greatly appreciated. Ken Gibbs said that!

    21. I am a Firearms Instructor for our Agency and I have an opportunity to try many weapons at the range. I obtained the ATI Thunderbolt recently and I have been running it through the ringer for about a month now. Almost everyone has their version of the 1911 on the market today but the ATI Thunderbolt offers all the features you would upgrade to right out of the box and for a retail of $699.95. You can't buy the stripped down version from most of the others for that price, then you spend hundreds of dollars to get it up to par. The picatinny rail is a great feature to have but it has proven to be a stumbling block when it comes to finding a holster. My suggestion to the holster manufacurers is to get a holster on the market soon because the ATI Thunderbolt is here to stay.

    22. Very nice write up. I can certainly attest to the high quality standards of S.A.M. Inc. in the Philippines and the great reputation of ATI Inc. over there in Rochester. I own several S.A.M. Inc. weapons including a Thunderbolt, M1911 Military and X9 -9mm.

      The Thunderbolt is a superior gun for the money compairable to much more expensive guns. I really like the pic rails and ambi but the best feature for me is the LPA adjustable rear. After a quick laser bore sight to dial in -its hitting consistantly.

      NOTE: I have fired 3000 rounds through my Military with three trips to the gunsmith #1 lower front site 2mm (but I hear the mfgr has shaved off 2mm and converted to half moon in production), #2 adjust the trigger to 2.5lbs, #3 remove the slack from the trigger<< otherwise no MF's, no FTE's, etc. This Military is sweeeet!

      Enjoy 'em guys I recommend them 100% =)

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