Latest on Madison Police Chief Noble Wray’s Open Carry Debaucle

Latest on Madison Police Chief Noble Wray’s Open Carry Debaucle
Executive Director Shaun Kranish writes:


Madison, Wisconsin –-( Madison Police Chief Noble Wray has dug his heels into the sand, vowing to do everything he thinks he’ll get away with to suppress gun owners from exercising their rights.

Rather than educating the public that open carry is legal and there’s no need to call the police unless something suspicious or threatening is happening, Madison PD has vowed to use INTIMIDATION to repress gun owners exercising what’s lawful.

By promising to scare, harass, diminish and humiliate a peaceful citizen open carrying, they have created an environment where law-abiding citizens will be dissuaded through coercion from exercising their constitutionally-protected rights!!!

View the City of Madison’s press release here


  • Open Carry can be considered disorderly conduct, because someone may not like it…
  • The officers acted correctly, even though they said it’s OK for pedophiles to be around children, but not OK to open carry.
  • Chief Wray has sent a memo instructing officers to engage, disarm, and “investigate” anyone open carrying.
  • The “suspect” should be identified if possible to ensure they are not a felon.
  • The firearm serial should be ran to make sure it isn’t stolen.
  • Disorderly conduct doesn’t require a disturbance to take place, just a “perception” that one’s actions could possibly cause a disturbance.
  • Hands-on “Pro-enforcement approach” taken with open carriers

Have you ever wondered how things get out of hand in this country, and freedoms are lost without due process, without legislation even, and despite our Constitution, the highest law in the land? Well, this is exactly how!!

You give power to imbeciles incapable of critical thinking – right and wrong, cause and effect, limitation of power. They open their mouth, or write their name and their foolhardy ideas on paper, and freedom goes out the window. They are counting on zero to minor backlash from this.


About:, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it.

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what needs to happen is for about two thousand people to conspicuously walk about within Madison city limits every day until the police and courts are so inundated with calls and legal cases the entire system crumbles and the stupid mayor runs screaming from his office with his nhands in the air saying "I QUIT". And, if this suggested behaviour continnnues for a week or two and he STILL has his heels in the sand, the PEOPLE of Madison need to begin recall proceedings for refusing to obey his oath of office and protect/defend the Wisconsin and United States Constitutions.… Read more »


100% agree with you Wes.

Please send an email to the Madison's Mayor stating your views:


The "Madison Five" had this happen and were given disorderly conduct charges AFTER the state Attorney General specifically told police departments to stop hassling open-carry citizens. The woman who called 911 merely asked if it was legal for them to carry guns, and she specifically said they were not creating a disturbance.

The Madison police department either doesn't know the law or simply refuses to follow the law. Either way, they probably shouldn't be wearing badges.