Nikon Optics Spot On Invitational

Nikon Optics Spot On Invitational

Nikon Ar15 Tactical Scopes
Nikon Ar15 Tactical Scopes

Honeoye Falls, NY –( Last week we joined Nikon in St. Loius, MO at their Spot On Invitational Event for a special look and hands-on experience with their new optics line.

This included a full day of shooting using their spotting scopes, range finders, and scopes. I'm happy to say that among the bolt action rifles, muzzle loaders, shotguns, and handguns, in various calibers from .22LR to 300WM, AR-15s represented more than half of the dozens of firearms available.

The day began with an overview of their product line and the Spot On software and website. This is a Java application that gives the registered user (registration is free) access to a very complete ballistics database, and allows you to generate and print ballistics reports for your rounds and also provide data to customize the Nikon reticles for your load. Rather than attempt to describe how the software works, there are a couple of videos on the Nikon site.

The M-223 line of rifle scopes is designed for the AR-15, and includes 5 new scopes all engineered for the .223/5.56mm NATO round (although with a 55gr polymer tip bullet). There is a 1-4×20 with a Point Blank Reticle, and then a 2-8×32, and a 3-12x42SF both available with a NikoPlex or BDC 600 reticle. The NikoPlex reticle is a standard duplex reticle, and these scopes come equiped with a Rapid Action Turret which allows you to dial your distance out to 600 yards. The BDC 600 reticle is graduated for shots out to 600 yards, and both are on the second flocal plane.

Nikon Hunting
Nikon Hunting

We spent the day firing these as well as a number of other Nikon optics (Monarch X for those looking for a 30mm mildot scope), and all performed well throughout the day. Engaging targets with the ARs out to 600 yards was easy, and this included steel, paper targets, and small 1lb containers of Tannerite. I ran various scopes through box tests, manipulating their adjustments up and down, and various other exercises. Using the BDC reticles made quickly engaging multiple targets at various ranges quick and effortless. Nikon has succeeded in providing a good quality optic with a relatively low price for hunters, recreational shooters, and professionals alike.

Along with the various scopes, Nikon had their line of binoculars, spotting scopes, and range finders on hand. A small, 10×42 pair of binoculars will soon be added to my kit, and their high-end spotting scopes made spotting at 600 yards extremely simple. Last but not least, their rangefinders worked reliably and consistently at all ranges tested (once the fog lifted!), and includes the only LCD/LED viewfinder; under bright light it uses an LCD display, but in low light it switches to an LED display for easy reading.

All in all, a very successful day at the range, and a ton of fun. I can honestly say that not only will I be recommending Nikon optics to others, but I will be adding a few of them to my own collection.

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