THOR Global Defense Group’s Free Firearms Log Book

THOR Global Defense Group's Free Firearms Log Book

THOR Global Defense Group
THOR Global Defense Group

Fort Smith, AR –-( This Free Firearm Log Book from THOR Global Defense Group is a pre-made printable log book to keep with your firearms.

Keeping good records with your firearms and of your shots will aid in the maintenance and upkeep of your weapon, as well as add to it's resale value.

Leave your own comments on any maintenance performed, regular cleaning or general notes in the “remarks” section on each line item.

Two parts Include:

  • One document serves as a cover page for your weapon. Printable in PDF format
  • The second document serves as a page in your weapon log book. Print as many as necessary and number pages appropriately. Printable in PDF format.

THOR Firearms Log Book Cover

THOR Firearms Log Book Inside Page

THOR Global Defense Group produces a top quality line of rifles for commercial, law enforcement, government and military use. Please make a selection from the menu for more information. Visit:

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