R.A.R. Guns – Black Rifles from the Best Brands

R.A.R. Guns – Black Rifles from the Best Brands

R.A.R. Guns
R.A.R. Guns - Black Rifles from the Best Brands
RAR Guns
RAR Guns

Castle Rock, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- R.A.R. Guns is pleased to announce our association with several different black rifle and accessories vendors.

We worked hard in the last year and have added the following premium brands to our RAR Line up. LMT, Adams Arms, Spikes Tactical, Del-Ton, Yankee Hill Machine, Timney Triggers and Black Hole Weaponry to our RAR Line up.

At R.A.R. Guns, we want to be able to offer as many top quality choices and options as we can.

Lewis Machine & Tool
LMT is an industry leader in the AR platform world. LMT provides weaponry to US Special Ops Command, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and other government agencies and bureaus. They build their rifles with unsurpassed quality and we are proud to be able to offer their products.

Adams Arms
We added Adams Arms to our lineup because of their reputation with gas piston systems. Their conversion systems are easy to install and work flawlessly. Their monolithic uppers make for a great build for those who want a great, ready to go, reliable gas piston gun.

Spikes Tactical
When we started selling our guns, we chose Spikes Tactical for our lower receivers. We did not make this choice lightly. Spikes Tactical does a great job on all of their products. After using many of their lowers and never having a single problem, we decided to take on their entire line. We feel that the Spikes Tactical product line adds and affordable, quality rifle and parts selection to our lineup.

We’ve had many, many customers ask if we carried Del-Ton products. We knew who they were and we also knew they made a good product at a good price. So we looked more deeply into their products and decided to add them as a vendor. They offer an amazing amount of configurations and choices for the customer to choose from. Now we can offer the public those choices as well.

Yankee Hill Machine
Yankee Hill Machine is another company we have been dealing with for a long time. We are particularly fond of their free float hand guards and sights. They make a very high quality product at a very affordable price. It wasn’t a tough decision to start carrying all of their products.

Timney Triggers & Black Hole Weaponry
Timney Triggers the leader in drop in trigger assemblies. We felt we had to add them to our product line. They offer triggers for all types of guns and now even for archery. A rifle is only as good as it’s barrel. So we now offer the superior quality of Black Hole Weaponry barrels. They offer polygonal rifling, custom fluting and more.

R.A.R. Guns offers military and LE discounts on everything we sell. We also offer discounts to the general public under certain conditions. We are very competitively priced. Not all products are available on our web-site. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call us. 303-495-5406

RAR Guns. Home of the best AR 15s in the world. We don’t just assemble parts. We measure and test each part before it is installed. Then each part is function tested to insure proper operation. We have several AR15 models to choose from and we also build to your custom specifications. We warranty our AR15 rifles for workmanship for a full year no questions asked. Our AR15 rifles will even perform with most Russian, steel cased and polymer coated ammo. If it breaks or has a malfunction within one year of purchase, we will correct the problem for free. Visit: www.rarguns.com

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John Da Baptist 69

I am building my first AR15 rifle and would like pointers/advice on building it.