DESERET NEWS & KSL.COM Attacking Gun Rights in Utah

DESERET NEWS & KSL.COM Attacking Gun Rights in Utah Gun Classifieds Gun Classifieds
Utah Shooting Sports Council
Utah Shooting Sports Council

Utah ––( Sunday’s Deseret News has an article stating that is considering banning classified ads for guns.

This change of policy appears to be based on the usual lies from the anti-gunners that private sales of firearms are a huge source of guns for criminals.

Whether or not you use or even plan to use to buy or sell guns they need to hear from you as soon as possible. Let them know that you do not want them to ban classified ads for firearms.

This is a much bigger issue than losing an online option to buy and sell guns. The issue here is the demonization of guns and gun owners, and that is part of the anti-gun crowd’s long standing goal to eliminate all private sales and media advertising for guns, especially in any sort of classified ads.

If bans firearm classified ads they will be making a statement that the lawful buying and selling of firearms is something dangerous and dirty. That placing an ad to sell a gun is the equivalent to placing an ad for prostitution or illegal drugs, things KSL currently prohibits. A ban on firearms advertising will work nicely to advance the anti-gun agenda to demonize the lawful ownership of firearms.

The Deseret News and are seeking input on this matter. Please go to the following links and let them know what you think. poll/questionnaire-

Deseret News article on guns in Utah, permits, etc,- very long- read it and then post comments at the end:

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USSC is disappointed that the Deseret News chose to interview two anti-gun activists, balanced somewhat by interviews with two staunchly pro-gun legislators, but failed to seek input from any gun rights groups in Utah. While it was not as biased as some reporting has been in other media outlets, it is disappointing that even the Deseret News has veered to the left in their gun views.

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