Anti-Gun Oregon Senator Prozanski, Cuckoo or Crazy Like a Fox

Anti-Gun Oregon Senator Prozanski, Cuckoo or Crazy Like a Fox
Prosanski’s wacky random amendments do nothing but waste precious time while protecting his anti gun agenda.

Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Salem, Oregon –-( Having already eviscerated HB 2797 by turning a simple motorcycle carry bill into a ban on self-defense in schools, Floyd Prozanski is now making another colossal mess of HB 2792, a bill that would recognize other states’ concealed handgun licenses.

With these amendments, any language that recognizes other state’s CHL’s is removed and replaced by a bizarre mash up of other bills.

In these amendments the recognition language is gone and in its place is much of the language that Prozanski stuffed into 2797 dealing with restricting felon’s rights restoration, but he has also included the language that clarifies lawful carry on motorcycles, ATV’s and snowmobiles! The motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile corrections were already in HB 2797!

All Prozanski had to do was leave the bill alone. Confused yet? Frankly, we cannot give you any clue to what Prozanski is thinking.

Oregon Senator Prozanski
Oregon Senator Prozanski

HB 2792 is scheduled for a work session tomorrow. Also scheduled is HB 2787, a bill that would protect the privacy of CHL holders. Strangely, Prozanski stuffed the privacy language from that bill into the motorcycle bill where he also included a ban on guns in schools. Never has the old saying about law and sausage been more appropriate.

What amendments may be offered to the House CHL privacy bill are anyone’s guess, but given the astonishing mess Prozanski has made out of the other two bills, he may well amend THAT bill to ban guns in schools as well.

The Senate Judiciary Committee under Prozanski’s chairmanship has devolved into a dysfunctional graveyard for popular legislation, The two Republican members have done what they can to maintain some sanity, but frankly they are outnumbered.

Tomorrow’s work session promises to be another exercise in confusion and futility.

Please contact Senate President Peter Courtney and request that he provide some adult supervision for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Contact info and sample message follow:

Senator Peter Courtney
[email protected]


Dear Senator Courtney,

Bills that passed the House with overwhelming bi-partisan support are being turned into unrecognizable and confusing nonsense in the Senate Judiciary Committee. We’ve already seen House Bill 2797 go from a simple clarification on firearms transport to an all-out attack on personal protection on school grounds.

Now a bill that would have recognized other states’ concealed handgun licenses is being butchered as well. I urge you to request Senator Prozanski to just move the gun bills that have come from the House to his committee to the floor so Senators can vote on them as they were written. The confusion that Senator Prozanski is creating serves no one.


The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

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