Gun Checks Act Protest Has Good Turnout

Gun Checks Act Protest Has Good Turnout
NEWS FLASH! I will be on the Doc Thompson Show on WRVA (AM 1140 in Richmond) tomorrow, May 3, around 4:07 PM to talk about today’s protest!

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( On super-short notice, and in the middle of a weekday, over 30 VCDL members, some with children in tow (and one with a child in the works 😉 ) showed up at the Bloomberg horse-and-pony-show this afternoon!

All were wearing VCDL’s orange “Guns Save Lives” and the “Freedom is NOT a Loophole” stickers.

The message from the antis was that if only we could force all gun purchases to go through a government background check then criminals wouldn’t be able to get guns.

My message to the press during my interviews was that background checks do not stop criminals from getting guns, as laws cannot stop criminals from using straw purchases to buy any gun they want or to keep criminals from stealing guns that are lawfully owned. I also pointed out that over 2,000 lives are saved every day by lawful gun owners, as opposed to the 34 that Bloomberg claims are killed daily by someone using a gun (most of which are drug or suicide related).

Since this was Bloomberg’s event, I was not allowed to address the crowd, BUT a reporter from the Times-Dispatch, Will Jones, who had interviewed me earlier, asked Omar Samaha some great questions: “What do you say to the opponents who claim that these background checks won’t reduce crime as criminals will simply steal guns or use straw purchases to get them?” (paraphrased)

That caught Omar completely off balance and he proceeded to stumble through a non-answer, basically saying that “if it only saves one life…” and “this is only the ‘first step.'”

Only the first step? Too bad Will didn’t followed up on that one!

Of course you and I don’t need to know the steps, as we already know the final goal of the anti-freedom crowd.

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