Remove Criminal Safe Zone Restriction from Constitutional Carry Bill

Remove Criminal Safe Zone Restriction from Constitutional Carry Bill

Center: Senator Rich Zipperer, Chair (R-33) Photo By WGO
Center: Senator Rich Zipperer, Chair (R-33) Photo By WGO
Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin –-( The State Senate Committee on Judiciary is scheduled to vote today, Wednesday May 25, on Constitutional Carry SB93.

The bill is close to acceptable but there’s one problem: An amendment was tacked on allowing for the federal 1,000 ft. School Zone prohibition.

We have heard from many of our members who live near or in these Federal School Zones, and this amendment would effectively cause them to be disarmed.

And keeping all law-abiding gun owners with concealed weapons from entering a 1,000 sq. ft. area around schools turns these places into defacto Criminal Safe Zones – defeating the very purpose of concealed carry in the first place … removing all deterence against crime.

Don’t our children deserve more, not less protection?

Where in the Bill of Rights does it say our inalienable right to bear arms is suspended within 1,000 feet of a school?

ACTION: Please e-mail the pre-written message below to the members of the State Senate Committee on Judiciary immediately.

Senate Committee on Judiciary


Dear Senator:
I ask you to remove the 1000ft school zone mandate from the amendment to SB-93 before you vote it through the committee.

This mandate is ridiculous as it makes it illegal for some people to leave their home if they live in a school zone and it would make it illegal for some people to drive to work or out for lunch if they pass through a school zone.

I would ask you to instead look at what Montana did with the federal school zone mandate in their Constitutional Carry bill.

Here is how Montana wrote their law:

In consideration that the right to keep and bear arms is protected and reserved to the people in Article II, section 12, of the Montana constitution, a person who has not been convicted of a violent, felony crime and who is lawfully able to own or to possess a firearm under the Montana constitution is considered to be individually licensed and verified by the state of Montana within the meaning of the provisions regarding individual licensure and verification in the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act. (2009 Montana statutes, 45-8-360)

If we can get this one change, then SB93 would be acceptable. Please make this change before today’s vote. Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) will keep me informed of your actions.



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