Resistance is Futile You Will Loose Your Freedoms

Resistance is Futile You Will Loose Your Freedoms … or Is It Not?

Second Amendment Patriots

Indianapolis, IN –-( I your are reading this them most likely this does not pertains to you, but I will bet a dollar to a dog biscuit that there’s a bunch out there that it does.

Right now in Indiana we’ve had a pretty good year with a hard stand in the General Assembly to protect the rights of citizens. It wasn’t easy though. In my case alone with SB 506 on letting folks transport a handgun in their vehicle without a license and in particular SB 292 which put the clamps on local governments from enacting more gun control and not only that, but stripped away everything that was on the books before July 1st of this year, I know what the forces at play put forth.

Here’s the reason I’m writing this letter. I received a memo from Indiana Senator John Broden. It explains that the Board of Park Commissioner in his district in the South Bend area are concerned about SB 292 which is now law.

They want the legislature to come back and make some changes and modifications so that their city park can be exempt from people having firearms in it. Just like it was when I was presenting that bill, the opposition imagined all sorts of scenarios of shootouts in their parks.

I have to wonder what that city did before this bill of mine became law.

  • Did they have metal detectors at all the park entrances?
  • Were there strip searches for those who came there for a picnic?
  • How many shootouts did they have over the years?
  • Is it better that a mother would not have the ability to protect herself and children at a city park?

I have no intentions of giving an inch on reversing the effects of SB 292. Taking steps to roll back peoples constitutional right is not an option on my watch.

But here is the kink. How many citizens in Indiana will take a stand of their own to face off with those who never rest, never let an opportunity go by to turn the screws? One of the most frustrating occurrences I have faced in the 13 years we’ve been involved in the 2nd Amendment Patriots, is how often folks will just drift away.

I used to keep track of all the reasons why some no longer attend a meeting or writes a letter or makes a phone call, but they began to pile up so I just quit keeping record.

Resistance is Futile
You need to turn it back on the enemys of freedom.

The facts must be acknowledged, they cannot be ignored. The resistance we face is always present. Those who want control on liberty and freedom do not rest! I maintain that those in South Bend, and I get letters from other parts of the state mostly in the very northern part, who oppose the rights that are expressed in our state and national constitution, will mobilize and bring pressure on some state legislators to dismantle SB 292.

They could be successful, too.

It’s all up to the rest of us who are willing to stay in the fight, ramp up our determination and for some to come back into the ranks again.

There’s more to making a stand to preserve our liberty that pecking away on a keyboard engaged in mass mail forwarding.

It’s a freedom of choice. We can stay home, lay out and pretend that someone else is doing the work, that someone else is the pounding beat or we can take a look in the mirror and ask if the person looking back is pulling their weight.

If you want to call the folks at the South Bend Parks & Recreation Department and let them know your thoughts about their concerns you can call: 574-299-4765

Phillips L. St.Clair, Executive Director
Robert Henry, President
Robert Goodrich, Vice President
Thomas Kelly
Garret Mullins

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

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