Heizer Defense Doubletap Pistol

Heizer Defense Unveils The Doubletap Pistol
The first Titanium Tactical Pocket Pistol born from aerospace technology with 5 Patents Pending and 100% US made. The future of concealed carry firepower is in your hands.

Heizer Defense Doubletap .45 ACP Conceal Carry Pistol
Heizer Defense Doubletap .45 ACP Conceal Carry Pistol
Heizer Defense
Heizer Defense

ST LOUIS, MO –-(Ammoland.com)-  Heizer Defense LLC, a firearms company producing a new paradigm of pistols for the responsible-citizen and law enforcement markets is proud to introduce their first model for the concealed carry market; the DoubleTap.Heizer DoubleTap

The DoubleTap is a tactical pocket pistol, loaded with 5 patents pending, built on a titanium or aluminum frame; the slimmest and lightest on the market today at only .665 inches wide and 14 ounces.

Available in a show-stopping .45 ACP or the more popular 9MM, this no-snag, hammerless designed pistol is completely designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest degree of precision and tolerances in an aerospace facility using aerospace technology and equipment.

The DoubleTap carries two rounds in the chamber and the integral grips house two additional spare rounds. The break-action features a patent-pending progressive barrel porting option that cuts muzzle rise and recoil. The ambidextrous thumb latch releases the action and automatically ejects the spent rounds.

Unlike any firearm, the DoubleTap features a truly revolutionary double-action trigger system that utilizes ball bearings for a smooth action and crisp trigger pull. The DoubleTap is available in a titanium or aluminum frame and is finished with a MIL-STD finish, the same used on military aircraft, for corrosion and wear resistant finish. Production guns will be available in the first quarter of 2012.

  • Where to Buy?

For more information visit www.heizerdefense.com and visit Heizer on Facebook.

About Heizer Defense:
Heizer Defense LLC is a firearms design, engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The facility’s commitment to quality is exemplified in the multiple certifications including ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 2004 Rev B. Certified. www.heizerdefense.com

  • 43 thoughts on “Heizer Defense Doubletap Pistol

    1. Interesting piece, “Aerospace technology” so what? It is some metal milled and assembled to shoot 2 cartridges. It is very compact, it sure doesn’t need porting, what the point? It would be great as a survival piece tucked in with a first aid kit, or carried in a pocket, but lets be reasonable here, the price is the only thing out of this world about this thing. I say $150-200 max, for anyone foolish enough to drop the dough on it.

    2. It looks like the manufacturer is trying to recoup his investment way too quickly, and as a result his sales probably will be / are so poor that this great idea will fail. In other words, the idea and the product may be very good, but the price is too high. Pay your bills and make your profit over a longer period of time by lowering the price. Be more patient in recovering your investment.

    3. I have read everyone comments on here and I have to say the majority of the complaints seem to be the price is to high. I am sorry but it is made in the USA and because of that, it is going to be higher. Plus, it holds 7 patents and I believe if you get what you pay for, so quality is going to cost a little bit more.

      The point is, if this is too expensive for you, then don’t complain about it, stick with the cheaper Derringers and move on. There are those of us that don’t mind paying the price for the Double Tap. I have found it online, Aluminum, ported for about $505 (and I have the LC9 already), but like everyone else, I would like to see it in person before buying, I do not like buying any gun sight unseen. Hopefully one of the gun stores in my area will be getting them in soon!

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    5. Where are your double tap pistols ? I have been wanting one for OVER 1 year and NO ONE has had them.
      When , if ever, will they be available ?

    6. Hell yea I’m definitely going to buy this. I don’t care if its $900. A gun that can fit easily in back pocket that packs a .45 punch.

    7. I agree the price is way too high, even for the un-ported version. Wonder why they did not make it chambered for the .45 Long Colt and .410 shotgun like Taurus did on “The Judge”? That would be a winner!

    8. Absolutely ridiculous in terms of price. I cannot believe that Guns & Ammo is giving this gun page time in the most recent issue. That a company would promote a 2 rd. firearm for $600 MSRP is shameful and demonstrates why some American manufacturers apparently have their heads in their rectums.

    9. I don’t think, having been into law enforcement, that pricing is going to be my first concern, in buying a compact backup handgun, after all if it will save your life and ever do’es the last thing you’ll think about is the cost of the weapon that saved it!!
      in other words,if i don’t need the weapon; i will not own it. i’d prefer it over the” judge”

    10. I understand the concept behind an ultra light carry gun, but its been done(bond arms) and a 45 acp is slow enough out of a 5″ barrel I cant imagine the velocity out of this gun.In my opinion its a week round, on par with most +p 9mm in terms of energy. If ive only got two bullets(possibly 4 if your fast) I would want more power than 45acp or 9mm can deliver. Maybe a magnum cartridge or 10mm would be better siuted for the one hit KO, not saying a 45 or a 9 cant do it but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

    11. My model 85 ultra-light titani taurus hammer hiden 38 special weights 13.7 oz 5 shot is only 450.00.Its lighter than heizer double tap. Call me crazy I still wont one. let me know if anyone has fired it.

    12. Would buy it if it were a bit more reasonably priced. Good looking and definitely an original and I do want one. Lets face it with 9mm Derringers at around $100, with a lifetime warranty it’s going to be a hard sell. I undestand recovering the costs of R&D ’cause that’s what my company does, but you can make up in volume and lower price per unit, what you paid out in research costs. Try a Six Sigma project on that theory, you may just be surprised when you adjust your known expenses over increased production and bulk discounting on raw materials.

    13. Everyone believes or says they believe “you get what you pay for” until they are the ones paying. It costs to develop this technology & everyone wanting to buy everything at Walmart prices is the reason everything today is made in China, or India or some country other than our own. That is why you can’t buy anything of quality anymore from bath towels, to clothes, to machinery & so on. We don’t make anything anymore and are now forced to buy the garbage that is imported into this country with no quality controls that we once had. Want to know why there are not jobs. No one is willing to pay a few extra dollars to help our own country. When are we going to wake up & smell the coffee, which is also imported. We need to suport “Made in the USA”. If we want change, let it start with each one of us.

    14. This gun is NOT AFFORDABLE I would like to order one but not at the price it’s at.
      The price is to high need’s to be about $300.00
      are $350.00.hope it comes down L.O.L !!

    15. Interesting pistol,45acp,ported bbls,14oz,up close and personal,defense gun. In order for this gun to be a success,it will have to be affordable mainly because,it will be carried alot,shot very little,this is not a target pistol! So, can anyone tell me what this pistol cost? who is a stocking dealer? I think if this gun were to retail for around $249.00 to $299.00 It would be a great conceal-carry gun

    16. It’s a lot cheaper than my 340PD. Unlike many here, I’ll wait until I see it in person before I decide if it’s overpriced.

    17. Although $799 is a lot of money we are talking about a precision machined billet titanium ultra concealable pistol that can handle a .45 ACP. This is one of the very few pistols you will carry with you every second you leave the house that has the power of a .45. Hard to say what their strategy is on the pricing. Exclusive and make it overpriced or bare bones to make a small profit? The market will either put them out of business or force them to drop the price. Either way it definitely is purpose built.

    18. I have a American Derringer DA38. It has a flip safety, its double action, and stainless steel. By far one of the best derringers ever made. The HEIZER Double Tap is nice, light weight, but too expensive. I will wait til the price drops before buying one. I already have a very rare German made derringer (Hy Hunter) that looks just like the Double Tap, but it has a safety and shoots a 22LR.

    19. Covered hammer and no safety are improvements over Bond Arms derringers .410/.45LC, never did like having to cock the pistol and then manipulate a safety (the OEM holster forces the safety on even though the hammer is forward (and this isn’t a pistol that you would carry cocked)). I know, this is a training issue, but still in an emergency [email protected]!t does happen… I’d buy a Heizer double tap used in a couple years or when the price comes down; in the meantime I still have 5 rounds of +P love in my S&W Mod 64C.

    20. I have seen many 45 caliber deringer type guns. they are all priced fairly high. Take BOND ARMS DERINGERS in 45LC they start at 399 and go as far as 1300.00 So I say give the company some time to get their product out there and I’m sure the price will come down. Lets also remember it’s AMERICAN made! So your hard earned cash won’t go to some foriegn counrty. As far as the gun itself I will have to test it first to make a decision to purshuse one.

    21. Way over priced! I will stay with my Kel Tec 380cal. It only cost around $300 and that’s what price range the double tap should be.For $500 you can get yourself into a glock or something in the same playing field. For $800 you can buy an H&k or Sig!!! The only thing that the double tap has going for it is the concealiblity and weight. But there are pistols made by S&W, kel tec and ruger that have the same if not close weight and concealibilty. Plus I dont think I can trust much from a company that makes only one firearm and it is only the first version!

    22. The aluminum model without porting would interest. The titanium model and porting aren’t going to make much difference in an “in your face” life and death situation. Which is all this gun is designed for.
      Still the price seems a bit steep.

    23. What do you mean if it was legal in your state? You better get the NRA involved in your state, I would move if I couldn’t carry, concealed or open. I want the gun, I will wait until the price settles down though.

    24. I don’t what version of this article everyone else is reading, but I didn’t see the price anywhere here (although the price is on the company’s website).

      I figure it makes sense to ask $600 at first, sell to the people who are too rich to care about hundreds of dollars. If this dropped down in the $200 range, and was legal in my state, I’d buy it.

    25. The first reply from jerry is No thanks!? Really? what, is that your dads gun? why would you even take the time to respond? now two and three think its overpriced. maybe right but you gotta admit its a hell’va thought of having that in your jacket or back pocket.

    26. Gotta have one. Super cool. Fast reload with the stripper-clip. $500 is not unreasonable for a quality made USA gun. It would be $450 if it was made in Brazil. $800 for the top of the line titanium with porting. Cut off some paper 410 shells and make your own snake charmer. Yep, worth the money… a real man-stopper in the size of an iphone. Now if I could just make phone calls on it!

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