Knife Rights vs. Boston Knife Bigots

Knife Rights vs. Boston Knife Bigots

Gilbert, AZ –-( The hearing in Boston last Friday on the proposed anti-knife ordinance “Providing For The Licensing Of Stores That Sell Certain Knives” was a TOTAL FARCE!

We’ve coined the term “knife bigots” to describe these councilors, and others, who simply hate our freedom and our tools and staged this farciful hearing as part of their effort to railroad through this ordinance.

The only councilors at the hearing were the ordinance’s sponsors.

To spare you the agony of listening to the entire hour and 49-minute long low-quality video (can be viewed at, we’ve put together an “entertaining” summary video with highlights and some commentary. This should give you some insight into their skewed view of knives and our rights. Click the image below to view the video.

Please pass along this article link or the video to your knife owner friends. This is how they view knives overseas and why we formed Knife Rights to prevent this from happening in America.

This is the Anti’s vision for knife owners in America, if we do not oppose them at every turn.

Todd Rathner, Knife Rights Legislative Director, led off the testimony opposing the ordinance, with supporting testimony from Jim Wallace of Gun Owner’s Action League (GOAL), the NRA’s Massachusetts affiliate, and a statement from American Knife & Tool Institute read by an AKTI representative. You can read Knife Rights’ official submitted testimony at . Todd’s actual testimony was somewhat different as he responded to the preceding testimony by the Councilors and their witnesses.

Watch the video above and hear some of their more outrageous comments, such as, “No law is too onerous…when it comes to the sale of these weapons.” At one point, Councilor Michael Ross appears to be encouraging lawsuits against knife manufacturers for the illegal knife sales made by some convenience stores!

The knives that the Boston City Council is hoping to control will still be available outside city limits, over the internet, and at stores not covered by the ordinance as well as many other places. And, let us not forget the ubiquitous availability of kitchen knives in every household. The ordinance will only result in the hindrance of law-abiding citizens and penalizing honest business owners.

Please contact your Councilor IMMEDIATELY and POLITELY express your opposition to this unnecessary and discriminatory proposal: or you can call 617-635-4500 and ask for your Councilor. Additionally, you can email Mayor Tom Mennio at [email protected] or call his office at 617-635-4500.

Additional details on this ordnance at:

(Thanks to Knife Rights supporter Adam Francis of Equip 2 Endure for putting together this video.)

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