MDTS Vertical Displacement Guide on Engaging Targets

By Chris Fry

MDTS Braced Kneeling Position
MDTS Braced Kneeling Position

Utica, NY –-( We possess a number of ways to move in a combative environment and it is well documented that movement is a life-saving tactic.

Movement almost always helps us except maybe when attempting to engage a target with accurate gunfire.

This guide will focus on the varied methods of vertical displacement taught in the MDTS level 1&2 coursework.

Vertical displacement in this context is movement along the vertical line or up and down through varied shooting positions. Vertical movement can aid us by making us a hard target when in a location where horizontal, forward, or backward movement is inhibited, such as in a hallway. The vertical movement also aids us when attempting to establish a desired angle of fire or achieve maximum cover and/or concealment behind an object such as a vehicle, postal box, or concrete Wal-Mart lamp piling in a parking lot.

Please note: This is meant to be a quick study guide not a treatise on positional shooting so adapt what is useful and discard what is not.

The following are (5) shooting positions along the vertical plane of movement:

MDTS Vertical Displacement Guide

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