Choice for President? A Man Who Likes Gun Control or a Man Who Likes Gun Control

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Indianapolis, IN –-(  Come November it looks like we’re going to have a choice for president of a man who likes gun control but has been very quiet about it or a man who likes gun control but has been very quiet about it.

I’ll speak a little more about this at the bottom of this letter.

We had a very nice turnout at the 2nd Amendment Patriot meeting Saturday. It sure is nice to see so many people of like mind assembled together in one room. We appreciate everyone who joins us and we are always impressed by those who come from so far away. One of our Patriots drove all the way from Nashville, Indiana to attend.

Patriots Mike and Pam did a very good job of explaining the different styles of handgun carry for ladies. Margie also described some of the holsters she uses.

It’s always nice to hear the discussions and concerns from everyone and that’s just one of the many virtues of having these meetings. Now going on 14 years we’ve seen and discussed many events that have occurred during that time.

I remember the environment we were in back in 1999 and the troubling times Americans were facing, in particular gun owners, when gun control was in full gallop. It was almost a daily news story on a new proposed gun control measure, some coming from the states’ level but mostly from the federal and the fear that was impressed upon citizens. The new controls, bans, and prohibitions seemed unlimited.

As those proposals became law we would see greed overtake decency in the form of sky-high prices on some types of guns and accessories that were on the hit list. I remember how many folks were so upset as to what was happening and how they wanted someone to do something. I also remember a small group gathering together on that cold Sunday morning in January in 1999 at the local gun shop to do just that. Little did we know where that meeting would lead us.

A lot has happened since that day and there has been a great deal of accomplishments for gun owners in Indiana.

It has been a little disappointing that some who helped get things going, in the beginning, have faded away, but it’s been very gratifying to see all those who have come on board and are not only keeping the 2nd Amendment Patriots alive and well but are involved in making it better and more effective every year. The friendships in this group and all those who follow us on our e-mails are priceless.

In recent years there hasn’t been a great deal of push for more gun laws, at least we are not reading about it. However, don’t be fooled. Those who want the assault weapon ban reinstated have not given up on that hope, they are just biding their time. When there is a terrible incident such as the one in the Oakland, California Christian school just recently those that seek stricter gun laws will take every opportunity to proclaim why it is necessary for them.

We shall see what direction this next election will take us. I strongly urge everyone to be especially involved in local and state elections.

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” George Jean Nathan

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

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The Second Amendment Patriots are a local group of citizens dedicated to preserving the rights, freedoms, and civil liberties of every American by educating the American public of the founding and history of this country and its founding fathers by explaining the role, functions and purpose of the U.S. Government; and by teaching the need and importance of an armed American public, in order to allow for a more prosperous and respectful country consisting of American citizens with a pledge of allegiance to their country and who will at the same time, voice their demand to take back the present overwhelming power of the U.S. Government and deliver it into the hands of the people to which it belongs. Visit:

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Chad Collins

The way its looking its going to be a no win situation

El Bombardero

Ron Paul, 2012