Gun Grabber Nominated to New Hampshire Supreme Court

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Milford, NH –-( Recently, Governor Lynch nominated James Bassett to the NH Supreme Court.

You probably already know how important the Supreme Court is to many issues in the state.

What you may not know, however, is how critical the makeup of the Supreme Court will shortly be to firearms owners here in New Hampshire.

Just within the last few years, the Supreme Court has severely undermined two important firearms rights laws, Range Protection and our carry license law.

You see, in a couple of cases in the last few years, the Supreme Court’s misinterpretation of the “suitable person” language in our carry license law had opened the door for police chiefs to deny pistol licenses to law-abiding applicants.

And that is not all, another misinterpretation by the Supreme Court, this time of NH’s Range Protection law, seriously hurt NH firearms owners.

You see, not very long after the Range Protection law was passed in 2004, the Supreme Court gutted one key provision that would have protected ranges from being required to comply with new onerous noise ordinances simply because the range’s paperwork wasn’t quite in order when they first started shooting.

With the NH Supreme Court so hostile to gun rights, we cannot afford another justice who doesn’t fully support the right to bear arms.

Unfortunately, James Bassett has a history of opposing the Second amendment. When Mr. Bassett ran for Congress as a republican back in 1994, he was a supporter of the Brady Bill, with its waiting periods and burdensome background checks.

I wish I could tell you that the important firearms-related cases were behind us and that another gun-grabber on the Supreme Court would be a minor inconvenience.

That is simply not the case, however. You see, there is a lawsuit on going right now that has the potential to seriously affect thousands of Gun-owners around the state.

At issue: NH’s preemption statute.

Already firearms owners, like you and I, have lost two preliminary decisions where a lower court has misinterpreted the law to apply only to cities and towns, leaving us open to gun-grabbing regulations created by a host of anti-gun unelected bureaucrats at the state level.

When preemption was passed back in 2003, it was supposed to restrict the field of firearms regulation to just the legislature.

If the Supreme Court follows the lower court’s lead when this case gets to them, you and I will have lost a significant portion of the protections of that law.

That is why we cannot afford to have a gun-grabber like James Bassett on the Supreme Court.

The Executive Council just held a hearing Friday on his nomination and could vote as soon as Wednesday.

My sources are telling me two Councilors, St. Hilaire and Burton, have already made up their mind to support the nomination.

Unfortunately, that means we need to convince all three of the remaining Councilors to reject the Governor’s nomination of Mr. Bassett or the balance of the court could shift even further to the gun grabbers for the foreseeable future.

That its why I need your help.

I need you to call and/or email the three other Councilors today. Let them know that it is irresponsible to trust a man to interpret the rest of the Constitution when he doesn’t respect or understand the Second Amendment to the Federal Constitution or Article 2-a of the NH Constitution.

The vote could come as soon as Wednesday, please call and/or email the councilors today. They all share an office number in Concord, 603-271-3632, or, better yet, call them each individually:

If we don’t stop James Bassett from getting on the Supreme Court now, he won’t just affect this one case that is likely to come before the court in the next year or so, he could continue to make anti-gun ruling for 15 years before he would be replaced.

That is something you and I can’t let happen.

That is why I need you to call the Executive Councilors at 603-271-3632 today.

In Liberty,
Jonathan R Evans
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

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(Note: Remember that the SCOTUS has previously spanked a renegade state supreme court in the 2000 presidential election, when Florida's SC ignored the clear letter of the state's election laws. The SCOTUS stepped in and put a STOP to it. Don't worry too much, NH, we gotcher back…)


If Woollard v. Maryland makes it to the SCOTUS and goes the way I think it will, the "suitable person" nonsense will become moot and the NH Supreme Court can go piss in the wind. Further, if the NH Supreme Court insists on violating its own legislature's constitutional police powers viz preemption, the state can appeal it to the SCOTUS and smack down the NHSC yet again.