Outrageous Bill is Power Grab by Illinois State Police

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Outrageous Bill is Power Grab by Illinois State Police

Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- There’s been lots of talk in the last couple of days about SB1034, a bill that has morphed from a child tattoo law into a FOID modifying power grab by Illinois State Police.

In a routine audit of the FOID system by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services, it was determined that the Illinois State Police was lacking in their reporting of people convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors and prohibiting them from buying/possessing firearms.

The CJIS reviewed the Illinois State Police’s response to the audit and found it still inadequate. Now the U.S. Depart. of Justice threatens that if the Illinois State Police does not address these issues, the FBI will not be able to continue to provide CJIS system access to the Illinois State Police.

That means that the Illinois State Police will no longer be able to run NCIS checks through the CJIS. Translated: No retail gun sales in the state of Illinois.

Here we are at the eleventh hour of voting on bills before recessing for the summer and instead of just correcting their continued shortcomings, the Illinois State Police is using this as an excuse for a power grab that calls for much broader definitions of domestic violence than the federal laws do and adds more misdemeanor offenses to the list of DV convictions that prohibit firearm ownership. SB1034 also allows the Illinois State Police to enter into the judicial review process when appealing a FOID revocation where they were not involved before.

Illinois Carry has no problem with prohibiting possession of firearms for violent offenders and those who commit violence against family members. But for the guy/gal that was charged with DV by an overzealous State’s Attorney in a nasty divorce case, and later pled to a non-DV misdemeanor because he/she couldn’t afford the fees or the time to fight it, this could mean the forfeiture of the FOID and would mean no gun ownership ever again.

This bill goes way over the top and must be stopped!

Urgent! Contact your State Representative AND your State Senator today – tell them to oppose SB1034

Find who your state legislators are and their contact information by going to the IL State Board of Elections website.

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It looks like the ISRA/NRA just made a deal on this bill.

The Bill has been amended from the floor with some very subtle changes in the language but not enough to make it a good bill.


We need to repeal the FOID law not add to it

Tory IV

Now we know why the Govt thinks it can regulate guns. Because IllinoisCarry supports gun control laws.