Norwalk CT’s Case Against Law Abiding Veteran is Starting to Crumble

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Norwalk CT’s Case Against Law Abiding Veteran is Starting to Crumble

Norwalk, Connecticut –-( The prosecution in The State of Connecticut vs. Doutel is scrambling to control the damage to their case as cracks become more and more pronounced in the foundation.

Attorney Rachel M. Baird, Mr. Doutel’s counsel, has been keeping constant pressure on the prosecution and the town of Norwalk. On June 29th, Attorney Baird filed a motion on Mr. Doutel’s behalf for a speedy trial. The motion for a speedy trial demands that the court stop stalling and give Mr. Doutel the trial he has a right to or immediately dismiss the case.

At the same time, Attorney Baird continues to push a Federal civil rights deprivation case against the city of Norwalk on behalf of Mr. Doutel’s wife who inexplicably had her property confiscated by the Norwalk police department during Mr. Doutel’s arrest.

The defense has forced the prosecution to play its hand through consistent and righteous pressure.

Connecticut Carry became aware of the prosecution’s latest desperate move today. The prosecution filed a motion to lower the charge against Mr. Doutel to an infraction (Creating a Public Disturbance). This charge is equally unjustifiable and will not result in a conviction. Since this charge is now an infraction, the prosecution’s move takes away Mr. Doutel’s right to a trial, allowing them to continue to drag this case out even longer.

Clearly, the prosecution knows they have no case against Mr. Doutel and never did. Their goal all along has been to deprive Mr. Doutel of his right to bear arms by dragging out a case with a charge that they knew would go nowhere. The only reason the prosecution kept the charge of Second Degree Harassment hanging over Mr. Doutel’s head for over 18 months was to keep a statutory protective order in effect that bars Mr. Doutel from possessing firearms.

Attorney Baird has responded in kind by filing a motion to remove the protective order since it can no longer be justified by statute. The prosecution showed their hand, and it is empty.

This kind of malice against a law abiding citizen combined with the callous waste of taxpayer money to prosecute a veteran who broke no laws should be a warning for citizens of Norwalk and of Connecticut.

It is time for the prosecution to finally put this case to bed and dismiss their unreasonable charge against Mr. Doutel immediately.

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Rob Morse

Tell me again that the law enforcement community respects law abiding citizens. I'm waiting for evidence.