Veteran Invents Firearm Stock that Uses Your Face, Not Your Shoulder

No Stock Needed
No Stock Needed

GRAND RAPIDS, MI –-( A Marine who served in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan has invented a device that completely replaces the need for a shoulder stock on a firearm.

Neal Brace, the lead firearms instructor at Condition Zero Training Group LLC and founder of the new firearms accessory manufacturer Halix, designed the device in order to provide a more intuitive way to aim firearms. The device, named NSN (No Stock Needed), represents a significant advance in firearms design.

Mr. Brace’s invention consists of two main components: a stainless steel bracket, which mounts directly to a variety of firearms, and dual impact-absorbing foam pads, which mount to the rear of the bracket. Firearm operators place one of the custom-engineered pads directly against their face to steady the firearm and, upon firing, the pad absorbs nearly all of the felt recoil. The device mounts directly to any firearm with an industry-standard M16 lower receiver end plate adapter, including the popular semi-automatic AR-15 and several GLOCK pistol models fitted with an extra adapter. Mr. Brace has coined the term All Mission Pistol for the designation of any pistol with the NSN attached.

Firearm operators can now realize several benefits by utilizing the NSN and no longer relying on shoulder stocks.

  • First, the firearm is both lighter and more compact, contributing to faster handling and less fatigue during extended operations.
  • Second, the firearm is easier and faster to aim because the device provides a point for the operator’s face and eyes to consistently index and acquire the sighting mechanism, and the device removes the time and effort needed to orient one’s shoulder and torso to the correct position.
  • Third, aiming deviations caused by breathing are nearly eliminated because firearms do not contact the torso of the operator when using the invention.
  • Fourth, because length of pull (a term used to describe the distance between the front of the trigger and the rear end of the shoulder stock) no longer affects firearm control manipulations, firearm operators of nearly any body size can use the same firearm without modification.
  • Fifth, personal protective equipment (body armor) typically interferes with proper aiming of a shoulder stock equipped firearm, but an NSN equipped firearm does not suffer from this problem, as no part of the firearm contacts that protective equipment.
  • Sixth, operators feel significantly less recoil than experienced with a shoulder stock, as the impact-absorbing foam pads retard rearward firearm motion more effectively than conventional shoulder stock designs, leading to faster follow-up shots and increased comfort.
  • Seventh, and most importantly to certain security teams, law enforcement agencies, and civilian firearm enthusiasts, a pistol with the NSN supersedes the short-barreled rifle (SBR) and removes the incentive to ever apply for the $200 tax stamp (Application to Make and Register a Firearm) for an SBR with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).

Halix products are sold directly from the manufacturer’s website, at The NSN retails at $249.98 and is patent pending.

About Condition Zero Training Group LLC

Neal Brace founded Condition Zero Training Group LLC in 2011 to bring top-notch firearms instruction to the Western Michigan area. The Group’s core business is delivering high-quality, tailor-made solutions to clients, including classes covering pistol, shotgun, precision rifle, carbine, night vision, surveillance techniques, and active shooter response topics. Halix is the brand name of the company’s new firearms accessories division.