How To Blue a Gun Barrel or Gun Parts

Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Kit from Birchwood Casey.

Birchwood Casey
Birchwood Casey

Eden Prairie, MN –-( Step 1: Cleaner-Degreaser
First, disassembled your firearm and clean all of the metal parts with the included sponge saturated in cleaner-degreaser. Make sure to thoroughly clean all metal parts and then rinse with water.

Step 2: Blue and Rust Remover
You can now remove rust and old blueing with the Blue and Rust remover. Saturate one of the daubers in the solution and apply it to the metal parts. With a small pad of steel wool polish the metal lightly to remove rust and old blueing, continue this process until the metal is gleaming. If the metal has deep scratches or pitting, sand the areas with fine grit sandpaper followed by a steel wool polish to smooth it out. Make sure the metal is completely cleaned and all blueing and rust is removed before going forward.

Step 3: Cleaner-Degreaser
Next reapply the cleaner-degreaser scrub with a sponge and rinse again with water. At this point be careful not to touch the metal with your fingertips to help prevent leaving marks on the metal during the blueing process.

Step 4: Perma Blue.
When it comes to blueing timing is very important. You can work on sections of metal rather than the entire surface. Using a dauber and the Perma Blue apply it to the entire surface. Allow the Perma Blue to stay on the metal for no more than one minute than rinse it with water and wipe dry. Its better to leave it on for less time because you can always go back and repeat the process if you would like a darker finish. After or during rinsing polish the metal with fine steel wool and look at the coverage of blueing. If there is streaking or you want a darker finish repeat the blueing process.

Step 5: Barricade Wipes.
After you have finished the blueing process wipe down all metal surfaces with the Barricade Wipes and allow the metal to cure overnight.

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