Romney Asked To Revoke Executive Privilege On Fast And Furious If Elected

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USA –-( letter asking presidential candidate Mitt Romney to make good on his words of support for the Congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking,’ and for his campaign’s words of condemnation for the Obama administration invoking executive privilege, is being sent to the Mitt Romney for President campaign today. Written jointly by this correspondent and citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog, Romney is being asked to commit to revoke the executive privilege claim, and to instruct full cooperation from the Department of Justice in assisting with, instead of obstructing the investigation.

The text of the letter follows:

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  • 5 thoughts on “Romney Asked To Revoke Executive Privilege On Fast And Furious If Elected

    1. I think we should demand more than Revoking Executive Privileges in F&F.

      What about ALL the gun owners stuck in prison or that now have a felony conviction for bogus paper work violations?

      I want to see a Presidential Pardon for the Reese Family, David Olofson and in the Shipley case!!!

      In my opinion Fast and Furious is the tip of the iceberg of the abuses by this government.


      Plus remember the promise to REPEAL the Brady Bill made by the GOP in their contract with America?

    2. @Bruedaddy – You are misguided and mistaken. The quest for justice and honesty isn't about which party stands to gain or lose. If crimes were committed by the government, as they often are, then they need to be held to account.

    3. @Bruedaddy – get ready to "lose power" when Romney wins this election. I cant wait for them to tear down the myth of Obama by dragging the criminal Eric Holder over the coals till he squeals on the "great one"

    4. This is a big crock……Did Obama come is and revoke Bush's Executive privilege? No, as bad as F and F is, it PALES to what Bush got away with…what a short memory political people have….especially when they lose "power"


    5. Fast and Furious was just a ploy by the government to get the UN small arms treaty by the American people. What better way to sign a treaty that looks innocent but takes away our 2nd amendment rights and a ruling by the supreme court that all Americans have a right to own guns. It was a good try by Obama and the Clinton crowd gun grabbers. What brought down the Democratic party in 1992 is being tried again, disguised as an innocent treaty to keep guns from crossing national boundaries. The Clinton administration had hundreds of thousands of 1903 Springfield bolt action rifles that was used by our military from WWI- Viet Nam. The marines loved this as a sniper rifle in Viet Nam and it was among a favorite with gun collectors and shooters. Clinton destroyed most of these rifles and a big part of American history. This was also done behind everyone's back as they are trying to blow this innocent sounding UN small arms treaty by the American people in the same way.

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