Discovery Series ‘American Guns’ Cancelled

American Guns
American Guns: The Wyatt family, from left to right: Kurt, Paige, Renee and Rich.
American Guns
American Guns

Colorado, USA –-( There will not be a third season of Discovery‘s docu reality series American Guns.

The show, about a family of gun makers, has been drawing attention following Friday’s elementary school shooting in a Connecticut in which 26 people — including 20 first-grade children — were gunned down by a 20-year-old whose mom was a gun collector.

There have been angry messages posted by viewers on the show’s Facebook page. American Guns has now been cancelled. Discovery sources indicate the decision was quietly made awhile ago, however it didn’t come to light until today.

“American Guns concluded earlier this year,” a spokesperson said. “Discovery Channel chose not to renew the series and has no plans to air repeats of the show.”

The fact that the network is not even keeping repeats of the show on the air indicate that the Connecticut tragedy may have played at least some part in the decision.

The second season of American Guns got off to a strong start in April with 1.15 HH rating, 0.87 in adults 25-54 and 0.79 in adults 18-49, up 50% from last year’s series premiere. But the ratings subsequently dropped off and, in the end, Season 2 finished down double-digits from Season 1.

Discovery brass also felt there was no story left to tell, contributing to the cancellation decision. American Guns joins two veteran Discovery series that have been recently cancelled: Dirty Jobs and American Chopper.

AMERICAN GUNS follows Rich Wyatt and his wife Renee, who own Gunsmoke – located outside Denver, Colorado. They buy, sell and trade guns – from hand canons to hunting rifles. And if you don’t see what you want, they’ll build one for you from nothing more than a block of metal.

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Andrew Cochran

I live in the uk and whatch your programe I have always been interestedd in guns but we have very strict laws on them watching your programe is very interestin the way you build them the skill you require. It just great thanks

Glenn Knott

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There was nothing entertaining about this show! It was cancelled due to 26 human beings, 20 of them innocent children, being slaughtered in their school. Do any of you remember that? Why is it that so many Americans believe that it is their god given right to carry a gun? The gun patch that reads ” Happiness is a warm gun” is just as ignorant as the people who own them. Boston happened this week because two American citizens didn’t give a damn about anyone else, just their own agenda. They murdered and maimed many people in four days and… Read more »


My wife and I both found this show to be entertaining. We are not perverts. We are people of maturity that would not denigrate others simply because their taste in programs differ from ours. The country is divided on so many fronts as it is. Why do people feel the need to insult others when they can simply state why they do or do not care for a particular program?


This show was colossally boring and poorly scripted. Don't think it'll be missed by many. Except the pedos that liked the young daughter(tramp). Good riddance.


whatever happened to just changing the damn channel?


The only thing interesting about that show was the daughter's shorts. I expect to see her in playboy in the near future.

Daniel G

The show was so horribly boring, the family so annoyingly superficial – I'm surprised that it lasted as long as it did. I tried watching one show and had to turn it off after 10 minutes.


If it was ratings fine. But not showing reruns says it is a PC decision.

Lets see if they cancel the other gun show. And if History Channel brings back their shooting competition show.