Gun Owners of America Out Front Defending Your Rights on the Firing Line

CNN’s Piers Morgan slams Larry Pratt and all gun owners.

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( In case you missed it, Piers Morgan called GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt and his Second Amendment friends “idiots” on Tuesday night.

Yes, Piers thinks you’re an idiot.

But Pratt ruffled Piers’ feathers by shooting back, telling him that “Brits like him” just don’t like listening to facts.

Gun Owners of America has been out front defending your gun rights and has appeared on scores of media outlets all across the country — and even across the world.

Some of the notable highlights include:

Make no mistake about it! We are in the fight of our lives.

Barack Obama has made it his central priority to destroy us. And he and his anti-gun allies have billions of dollars of support from the TV, print, and cable media.

Obama will start out trying to ban semi-automatics, magazines and gun shows. But make no mistake about it. Obama’s initial efforts to crush us will just be the first step to making the entire country a replica of Chicago -– complete with across-the-board gun bans and defenseless citizens.

Julian Epstein, an MSNBC commentator, candidly revealed that the point of Obama’s campaign was not any particular piece of legislation, but rather to “break the back” of the gun lobby.

You can be sure of this: The battle against Obama and his anti-gun stooges will be the biggest fight of our lives.

Already, Gun Owners of America has been the most prominent spokesman for the Second Amendment in the wake of the horrific Newtown tragedy.

Roll Call, the newspaper of record on Capitol Hill, remarked that, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, “the reaction from one gun rights group [GOA] stood out.”

The liberal Huffington Post trumpeted: “Gun Owners of America steals Newtown gun debate while NRA hides.” It went on to say that “[w]hat is surprising is that [GOA Executive Director] Pratt is the only gun lobby representative willing to discuss his beliefs in public in the days after the Connecticut massacre.”

GOA has virtually been a solitary voice giving interviews all over the country –- and the world -– on behalf of gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Stand with us so that we can continue fighting against the anti-gun onslaught.

As much as anyone, we deplore the efforts of anti-gun zealots to exploit this tragedy for political gain. But if we hide in fear, we will have lost the debate and the legislative battle before even coming onto the battlefield.

We cannot let that happen.

This has not been without cost. We have received death threats against us and our children, and hundreds of profanity-laced emails. One writer said he wished our own children had died at Sandy Hook. Another said he wished that all our GOA members would “just put a gun to their heads and pull the trigger.”

But, when you stand up to sick-minded opportunistic people –- as we have –- you can expect their true colors to show through.

We hope our members are proud of us. As our legislative counsel told one liberal reporter: “I think a lot of people who see and hear us fighting, at a time when [gun control advocates] are ready for battle, they’ll remember it.”

So we need your help to keep fighting.

And we need you to fight alongside us.


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(2) Please do everything you can to help us, as we work overtime during this holiday season to defend our rights.

(3) Help us recruit even more gun owners on our free email alert list. Once the new Congress is sworn-in this January, we will be fighting the biggest battle of century.

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington' – Ron Paul

  • 9 thoughts on “Gun Owners of America Out Front Defending Your Rights on the Firing Line

    1. NYS Gov. Cuomo announced two days ago that gun confiscation of all semi autos and any mag over 7 rounds will be on the table after X’mas.
      Today in Rochester, a gun man killed two firefighters and injured two more, a vehicle was seen fleeing the scene. No info on the gunman.

    2. The last person we want to hear from is someone from another Country, when they have even started “knife buy backs”. I don’t know if they understand that weapons can even be made in prison, so the violent criminals will always be armed. Moron is a stupid Brit!

    3. I find it rather ironic when liberals argue with an owner of a gun about gun rights and the right to bear arms. Eventually the libers side turns ugly with out and out threats of violence or at least a very unrational statement like, “I hope you get shot and die!” Very understanding words coming from someone who wants world peace and fairylands worldwide. They just don’t get it and never will! They preach about doing away with weapons of all kinds because they kill, but support abortion that takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies lives every year. Like I said, they just don’t get it!!!!!!!!

    4. It’s kind of hard to be afraid of death threats by people who are so afraid of guns. What are they going to do, write me to death? If this is true it is really funny. Someone should send that joke to Jay Leno! He would love that one. If all we have to fear is death threats from these cowards, we don’t have anything to worry about.

    5. Gun owners need to get educated about GOA, (Gun Owners of America). Everyone “instinctively” seems to run to the NRA, simply because it is well known, but IS THE N.R.A. REALLY FOR OR AGAINST YOUR GUN RIGHTS? They are already “caving” as we speak.

      GOA is the CONSERVATIVE gun owners organization, and is much better, in my humble opinion, than the half baked N.R.A., which stands for Not Really All that, when it comes to ACTUALLY PROTECTING GUN RIGHTS.

      Please get educated about GOA and consider which organization is REALLY the best for ACTUALLY protecting gun RIGHTS, (NOT gun “PRIVILEGES,” as the government would have you believe). We should not need “permission” from the government to exercise our God given AND Constitutionally given RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Exactly WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE who PRESUME to have such God-like “authority” over our God given rights anyway? How are THEY, in THEIR MINDS ONLY, more “qualified” to make this decision FOR the people than the PEOPLE themselves? Do they not just get up in the morning and brush their teeth, (hopefully), and get dressed and go to work JUST LIKE YOU DO? What makes THEM so “special” that they PRESUME to have CONTROL over our God given rights? This so called “authority” is only in THEIR OWN MINDS and does NOT, in REALITY, even exist – not even Constitutionally. Think about that for a while. Are our Constitutional RIGHTS UNALIENABLE or NOT? They PRESUME to have this “God like” authority over We the People, but are they really “gods?” Only in their own minds, I’m afraid, but they DO have the BIG GUNS on their side, but WE THE PEOPLE have the REAL GOD on our side – the God they wish to get rid of so that they can BE the “gods” they visualize in their own minds. So what will we do when they come with their big guns for our little guns? Only YOU can answer that one, but I suggest that you study the history of nations who have surrendered their privately owned weapons. It did not turn out well at all for the PEOPLE. Just ask some of the Holocaust survivors how all that worked out for them.
      ….. Just some things to consider …….

    6. C.N.N.stands for communists news network.Im a life member of Gun Owners of America.God bless Larry Pratt and to hell with c.n.n and all enemies of liberty.Pies Moron is the idiot.

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