Shocking Connecticut Shooting in Gun Free Zone by Deranged Killer

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AmmoLand Gun News

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( Our hearts are breaking as the numbers of innocents killed by a derange criminal killer at today’s Elementaery School shooting in Connecticut continue to climb.

The details are still in a state of constant change but what is clear is this is another tragedy in a Gun Free Zone in a state with some of the toughest gun laws in the USA.

One thing we are certain of is this will be a huge jumping off point for state and national gun banners as well as the Obama administration, to push for more gun control, when what we need is more mental health care and tougher laws for criminal use of guns.

But the truth is there is nothing we can do to prevent crazy or evil in the world, but we can take steps to reduce or limit their destructive efforts…

The subject of gun free school shooting has been well covered by AmmoLand over the years and many great articles are worth re-reading as we work to deal with another tragic attack by a crazy killer.

God bless the victims, families and loved ones effected by this sick crime.

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The Obama administration allowed 2,000 firearms or more to Mexico without that countries approval. How can this same administration be trusted to be fair. They feed the firefights in Mexico and act sympatheticly to tragedy here..


One person with a concealed carry license and armed with a suitable weapon could have stopped this young madman. I have no problem with personally owned semi auto weapons. There are more than 20,000 gun laws in the U.S.A. Enforce those laws,why punish law abiding citizens. Allow us to defend ourselves,let us take responsibility for our own safety!

Silas Longshot

Sad truth of 'unintended consequences' of laws "to protect the children". Every mass shooting I can recall has ALWAYS happened in a 'gun free killing zone' where citizens are denied their right of self defense. If teachers had been allowed to have concealed carry license and guns, there may have been fewer victims in this terrible tragedy.

But, yes, the anti-gun rights crowd is already making hay from this crisis. "Never let a crisis go to waste".

Woody W Woodward

Many of the mass murderers in our history did not use firearms, some did. What they all have in common is an evil psychopathic personality. They are looking for defenseless victims and continued to find them in areas where their activities may be carried out with little or no fear of apprehension. Once the predator is identified, the public is inundated with information as to his background, childhood, parents, signs of mental illness that may have been missed or overlooked by those who "knew him best". All sort of excuses are made so as to shift the blame for the… Read more »

Peter Levakis

Mr. Zsaz is correct, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, and further, everything I have read or heard said the damage this time was done with two legally purchased handguns. If anyone really wants to understand what the our right to own assault weapons is really about, there is a great You Yube video by ex-game show host Chuck Woolery which is right on. He defines the difference between a modern sporting rifle and an assault weapon and why we should have them, better than I ever could. As far as crazy's methods of destruction, what about… Read more »


Angelofdeath. You are an idiot! Cops carry HK MP-5 sub machine guns and M16s all over the country. They are totally exempt from all federal laws. Civilians are not!

Mike the Limey

Look to the UK if you want to see how effective restrictions on the ownership & type of firearms allowed:

Two years ago, an acquaintance of mine – Derrick Bird – killed twelve people & wounded many more.

His weapons?

A bolt action .22 rimfire rifle & a sawn of shotgun capable of holding two shells.

As for so-called "assault weapons"; anyone using that name shows their ignorance as to what they are, which is a semi automatic rifle that looks scary to those who hate firearms.


I want to remind anybody, in the case of a lone-wolf shooting, a fully automatic rifle is actually less lethal because most bullets will simply miss the targets (victims are not going to huddle together to be shot, they ran away), yet the semi-automatic will be more accurate because the shooter can target in a much better way, considering that the total number of cartridge is limited by the weight.

I can understand if they eventually criminalize semi rifle such as AR15 or M4, but please don't take away my pistol!!!

Bring it

@angel every cop I saw on TV today had a REAL assault rifle. I dont think you have the foggiest idea of what your're talking about.


Laws don't stop deranged killers (this one broke several). People with Guns stop deranged killers. Oh and the "assault weapon" talk is just a distraction. These kids were killed with pistols in a state with the toughest pistol laws in the nation. The AR15 was found in his car. Connecticut also has an assault weapons ban in place. That sure helped. How about we ban unarmed victim zones. Michigan is about to pass a law that will allow guns in schools. One of the reasons is to allow the law abiding to disrupt mass killings. I predict that once the… Read more »


Assault weapons only belong on the hands of soldiers period. You don't see officers caring assault rifles so why should a civilian be allowed to buy those type of weapons. Another thing some one with a fork or box cutter can't as easily kill an adult with those things.

Bring it

Thank you Mr.Zsaz. Mr. Lobo obviously understands nothing of what the 2nd Amendment means. It certainly is NOT about hunting. A 10/22 Ruger can do as much damage as an AK, actually more because of accuracy factors. Box cutters killed nearly 3000 people. A 2×4 in the hands of a deranged maniac is much more dangerous than an M4 in the hands of a law abiding citizen. Whats you point again Mr. Lobo?

Mr. Zsaz

Pat Lobo, you know nothing of which you speak. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with "hunting", and there is no such thing as an "assault weapon". If one wanted to, they could kill 50 people with a plastic fork. Is that now an assault fork? I think you mean assault weapon, which by the government's own definition, is a weapon with select fire capability. Get an education on the matter before you comment.

pat Lobo

true we cannot blame guns for this crazy rampage…. but seriously, there is no need for civilians to buy/own assault weapons.

I'm a hunter ….I hunt deer with a rifle, not an AK-47!!!

We need to seriously consider an assault weapon ban!!