Gun Rights Organizations in 5 States Join Firearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition Pledges
Firearms Policy Coalition Pledges

BELLEVUE, WA –-( As the debate over new gun control laws continues to take top billing in state and national news, organizations representing gun owners and Second Amendment rights in five U.S. states have recently joined Firearms Policy Coalition, noted managing director Brandon Combs.

New FPC members include Commonwealth Second Amendment (of Massachusetts), Florida Carry, IllinoisCarry, Hawaii Defense Foundation, and Lone Star Shooting Association (of Texas).

“In the midst of one proposed gun ban after another, the addition of these outstanding organizations to our Coalition means that those working hard to secure our Second Amendment rights are coming together to tell President Obama and our state legislatures that enough is enough,” remarked CCRKBA founder Alan Gottlieb. “The millions of law-abiding American gun owners have had it with being scapegoated for the crimes of the evil and insane.”

“There’s never been a more critical time for all of us fighting for the advancement of Second Amendment rights to work together,” observed Brent Carlton, president of Comm2A. “Our litigation efforts are critically important, but it’s equally important that gun owners be informed and take action every day to oppose those laws which infringe on their rights.” Continued Carlton, “FPC provides an opportunity for Massachusetts gun owners to have an impactful and far-reaching effect, both in terms of their own state’s laws as well as proud Americans who value their federal Constitutional rights.”

“This partnership brings Florida Carry to the forefront of the national public policy debate on private firearms ownership,” said Sean Caranna, Executive Director of Florida Carry, Inc. “As Florida's largest and most active Second Amendment rights organization, we're proud to be a part of this coalition and through it extend our grassroots efforts to combat gun control laws in Florida and everywhere.”

IllinoisCarry spokesperson Valinda Rowe added, “IllinoisCarry is pleased to join efforts with the Firearm Policy Coalition. Not only must we actively work toward beating back irrational gun control laws in our home state of Illinois but we must also work toward protecting and preserving our rights on a national level. This would be a daunting task if not for a nationwide coalition of Second Amendment groups like the FPC. We thank the FPC for creating this opportunity to work together, coast to coast across the nation. Together, we can stand up to those who would strip us of our Constitutional rights and insure the Second Amendment remains strong for many generations to come.”

“Over the past two decades, many states have used common sense and protected the civil liberties of their residents, such as through permit-less and accessible shall-issue firearm carry laws,” said Chris Baker, president of Hawaii Defense Foundation. “However, some states just can’t seem to grasp the plain meaning of the Constitution. To those states, we say this: we will fight hard together, we will fight smart together, and we will win together. That is exactly what we and the Firearms Policy Coalition will do.”

“While Texas residents may not face the same gun law challenges as those in Massachusetts, California, or Illinois, all Texans are Americans first and know that gun control laws anywhere are an affront to liberty everywhere,” commented Gary Burris, president of Lone Star Shooting Association. “We’re proud to join with FPC and work cooperatively to secure our fundamental rights so that law-abiding gun owners can exercise their rights across our great state and country, in Texas and in Toledo.”

“Firearms Policy Coalition has reached millions of Americans since launching in December and we're looking forward to reaching millions more,” said FPC’s Combs. “The overwhelmingly positive reaction to our message of civil rights and the facts about gun control really drives home how much Americans value their freedom. These new FPC member organizations are key to ensuring that the Second Amendment means what it says.”

“While some power-hungry politicians want nothing more than to undermine the Second Amendment and important legal decisions like Heller and McDonald, we’re confident that the Constitution provides the best policy: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not – and must not – be infringed.”

Gun rights organizations interested in joining the Coalition should contact FPC at [email protected] or through the contact form at

FPC's robust grassroots action tools to engage Congress and the President on proposed gun laws are available at More information about FPC can be found at FPC’s Facebook page is located at and its Twitter feed can be viewed at

  • 11 thoughts on “Gun Rights Organizations in 5 States Join Firearms Policy Coalition

    1. When are the American people going to wake up. The people who have a shrine and candles in there front room with Obama picture on the shrine table. The Progressive ( Democrats ) are taking our constitution away from the American people. How can a Government give away everthing for free and not run out of money. Once the Progressive gets rid of our Constitution. You will or your children, children will never have anything to call your own. Rationed food, medical, energy and we will have a computer chip in our skin as well as having curfews at night. Without our second amendment we will be like cattle. Just waiting to be inslaved by our ruthless Government Progressives. Keep your weapons.

    2. I totally agree that they should keep there noses out of the 2 Amendment Right for us to bear any type of model gun we wish to own.


    3. Ridiculous, controlling the amount of ammo each of us uses. I personally enjoy plinking, I’m not in competitions and such, but why should I have to get permission to shoot pop cans. Why not control how often people can post on forums, or how much gasoline each of us uses, or how much food each of us eats. I mean, why not, from each according to ability to each according to need. (sarcasm if anyone misses it.)

    4. Guns are not the killers. It’s the ammunition. Why not control the amount of ammo each individual uses for whatever HIS reason for shooting?

    5. We ALL should join GOA!

      Remember when Wayne LaPierre did his famous photo-op with Harry Reid during Reid’s last election?

      Wayne said that Harry Reid was a friend of gun owners. (vomit)

      GOA doesn’t play games with their RATEING system like some gun rights groups.

      GOA was able to get Congressman Stockman elected.

      GOA works to find and elect people that will UP-HOLD their oaths of office!

      GOA wants to REPEAL gun control laws.

      How many people know that before the school shooting Larry Pratt was saying in interviews that Congressman Stockman was going to introduce legislation to start rolling back some of the gun control laws?

    6. Sgt Dale, Thank you for your courage and integrity! I hope it doesn’t happen, but in the second American revolution, I’m glad to stand beside you and people like, no matter the end.

    7. Arizona. My friend I wear Blue, and I can tell you that I WILL NOT TAKE A FIREARM FROM ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN!!! I took an OATH and by God I will stand by that OATH. I will take on any one that tries to take them away form you. I don’t give a DAMN what they are wearing. They only blue you have to worry about is the U.N. blue. I will do my best to stack them up like cord wood if they try to take away our RIGHTS!!!! I think you and everyone should do what they can to stop these gun grabber are stopped. I can tell you that there are a lot of us Cops that think the same way I do.

    8. DON”T YOU GUYS KNOW YOU CAN”T LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE UNLESS YOU LIKE TO **** OFF COPS,thats one of ammolands main rules,other wise it gets deleted like the second amendment, each other off is much more important at ammoland……………

    9. OH yea we got to fight em,HOW ABOUT YOU START MAKING THE SORRY BASTARDS IN GOVERNMENT ABIDE BY THE OATH THEY WERE GIVEN THAT THEY CAN’T SEEM TO REMEMBER TILL THEY FEEL A ROPE ON THEIR NECK,the ONLY REASON the gun thing has got out of control is because most guys in america are girlymen and only copies of real men,THE ****** IN BLUE NEVER WORKED FOR AMERICA,THE MILITARY HAS NEVER WORKED FOR AMERICA AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN A GOVERNMENT OFFICAL AT ANY LEVEL OBEY THEIR OATH OF OFFICE,so spare me the smoke,I’am not fooled and I’am not scared like the police who wanted to KILL a fifth grade little girl who cut a pistol from a sheet of paper in class and scared the whole class of TOTAL COWARDS TO DEATH,HOME OF THE BRAVE hahahaha,now thats really funny………a white paper gun……..

    10. GOA and NRA should not be used in same definition…the nra for to many years has compromised on gun legislation and where we are today is that result..It is time for the NRA to stop all compromise and back the groups that are for no more compromise on the 2 nd…even when we win in a court of law the anti’s ignor the verdict and still restrict ownership free and clear…Get a set NRA…

    11. wish all gun owners would get off their buts and join a gun rights organization. Like GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA OR THE NRA

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