SIMUNITION Training Now Available For Certified Firearms Instructors

SIMUNITION Civilian Training
SIMUNITION Civilian Training

Avon, CT –-( More and more responsible gun owners are interested in developing their gun-handling skills and improving their confidence when using their personal firearm.

Progressing to realistic force-on-force training scenarios is a natural evolution in developing more sophisticated gun handling skills.

SIMUNITION, a proven, safe training tool, is revolutionizing the way Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) instructors are conducting training.

SIMUNITION is a system of reduced-energy cartridges which is designed to be used with modified personal firearms that allows users wearing protective equipment to conduct both force-on-target and force-on-force training scenarios. The system uses FX Marking and SecuriBlank Cartridges, along with a Simunition conversion kit, to enhance the realism of the training experience and the safety of the participants. The non-lethal training rounds are available in 9mm, 5.56mm and .38 calibers, and function with a wide range of pistols, long guns, shotguns and revolvers. The system has been in use by military and law enforcement personnel around the world for over 20 years.

Realistic Training Without Ballistic Ranges
A key component of the Simunition system is that it allows certified firearms instructors to conduct realistic training without the need for a conventional ballistic infrastructure firing range. This proven, safe training tool is now available to certified firearms instructors and as a result will create a paradigm shift in how firearms instructors are now able to conduct training.

All firearms instructors strive to create a safe environment for firearms training. Safety is the number one priority in Simunition systems and is reinforced during all aspects of training. The Simunition Training System provides the most realistic training system available on the market for the simple reason that it allows you to safely conduct more types of dynamic training using a personal firearm.

Force on Target Options
The Simunition Training System is very adaptive and flexible. Certified firearms instructors can use many different force-on-target options to instruct first time shooters. Typically, instructors choose small 22 caliber pistols like a Woodsman due to less recoil and noise attenuation. For first time shooters, this can reduce or eliminate the anxiety of firing a handgun and allow the student to concentrate on the sights and trigger manipulation. Small caliber handguns have different grip angles and sights than heavier firearms, so they don’t give the user the true training experience of a heavier, defensive gun. Simunition conversion kits are designed to match actual handgun dimensions and come equipped with standard factory sights, providing the student with invaluable training time with their chosen firearm. In the conversion kit, the frame of the handgun is the frame of the firearm creating the effect of the actual trigger, grip and feel of the original handgun.

The Simunition system improves a more experienced student’s gun handling skills and confidence in the use of their personal firearms. It is said it takes 5,000 repetitions of activity to commit the action to memory. From the presentation of the handgun from concealment and placing a well positioned round on a 3-dimensional target; to basic pivot and movement drills; to firing at targets by both dominant and support hands, this training tool allows users to practice in limited space with their own firearm.

Many dynamic force-on-target training exercises are not possible with live conventional ammunition. The Simunition system offers certified firearms instructors an effective tool to transition their students from dry fire drills to force-on-target training and then progress to training on paper targets with live ammunition.

Force-on-Force Scenarios
Once the responsible gun owner has developed gun-handling skills and exhibits confidence in the use of his or her firearm, the firearms instructor can incorporate force-on-force training scenarios that introduce more realism into the student’s training. One might view this type of training as a rehearsal of events that the student may encounter. It is important that the instructor does not progress to force-on-force training exercises until the student has demonstrated safe gun-handling skills. . When properly conducted, the student will greatly benefit from force-on-force training as it will improve the skill sets of the student.

Stress Inoculation
Under stress the mind and body naturally revert back to the most conditioned response developed under firearms training. One of the key ingredients of creating realism in force-on-force training is the ability to introduce stress inoculation into the training exercise. Studies confirm participants react differently when placed under stress. Hesitation is common due to the students’ lack of experience or confidence in his/her skills. Overcoming hesitation can be accomplished by participating in force-on-force exercises using actual weapons in a realistic setting.

Training with Simunition FX cartridges better prepares students for the stress and the rapidly evolving world of a deadly firearms encounter. Repeated practice under stress better prepares a responsible gun owner when he needs to protect his life or the lives of his family.

Handgun Retention Drills
A responsible gun owner carrying a gun must always be alert and remain aware of an adversary who may try to take his/her gun and do harm to them with it. The certified firearms instructor can use both FX and SecuriBlank cartridges to practice handgun retention drills. An FX converted gun is a much safer method to practice handgun retention drills and foil attempts by criminals to disarm a responsible gun owner of his weapon.

Simunition Safety Certification Course
Simunition is proud to offer certified firearms instructors and Firearms Range Companies the Simunition Safety Certification Course (SSCC). This course will certify firearms instructors who wish to train responsible gun owners with the Simunition training system. Committed to the safety of students that use their products and system, Simunition has developed, along with FX Marking and SecuriBlank Cartridges, a complete line of protective equipment and conversion kits, enabling safe, realistic training with a personal firearm.

The SSCC is an informative one-day program designed to provide instructors with an understanding of the FX and Securiblank ammunition technology, weapons conversion kits and the line of Simunition protective equipment. Additionally, the course will provide guidance to the roles of both the Range Officer in Charge, the Range Safety Officer, Safety Considerations, the Training Environment and Personnel Actions. The one-day class is available in multiple locations across the country and commencing in 2013 an on-line version of the SSCC will be available on-line.

In summary, growing numbers of gun owners are interested in developing their gun-handling skills and improve their confidence when using their personal firearm. Realistic force-on-force training scenarios are a natural evolution in developing more sophisticated gun handling skills.

Certified Firearm instructors across the country are taking students to the next level by joining the Simunition Commercial Range Program, becoming Simunition certified and gaining access to the Simunition Training System.

For more information about the Simunition Training System, please visit and please follow us on Facebook.

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Dear all,
I am a Firearm Training Officer and I am working as a Close Protection Officer and FTO for United Nations in Afghanistan at the moment.
I would like as well to attend simunition training as well. It is going to be an online training?
What else is required to be enrolled for this training.
Looking forward for your answer.