Connecticut Carry Responds To Governor Malloy’s Proposed Gun Bans

Unconstitutional measures abound in the Governor’s proposal to circumvent the Legislative process.

Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Hartford, Connecticut –-( the Newtown Massacre, Governor Malloy has promised that the gun control agenda he has been pushing would be done in a bi-partisan manner in the legislature.

Along the way we have seen all manner of reckless behavior from the legislature and from the administration including a rush to try and use an ‘emergency certification’ to push through bills without proper public hearings.

Today, the Governor released a set of proposed legislation that he intends to be pushed through the legislature. This would also circumvent the task force and advisory panels currently assigned to provide legislative recommendations on these issues.

This is a clear attempt at an abuse of the Governor’s office and of the separation of powers in our government. Laws and legislation should come from the legislature and be from the people of Connecticut. There is a clear interest in keeping the enforcement arm of the government from also deciding the laws. The laws are supposed to be decided on by the people.

We must reason that the Governor is feeling the pressure from the 100:1 turnout against his agenda at the legislature for public hearings and the overwhelming public opinion in Connecticut that the proposed bills are not welcome. Perhaps he is feeling the fleeting emotional crisis of the citizens of Connecticut and he knows that he won’t be able to take advantage of emotion as leverage against our rights for much longer. It is clear that his administration does not want to ‘let a good crisis go to waste’.

The proposals that Governor Malloy makes are full of unconstitutional and unenforceable edicts.

  • District of Columbia v Heller has already established that firearms in ‘common use’ are not subject to bans. They equated common use specifically with ‘military use’, so the Governor’s insistence on the repeated lie that the AR-15 is a military weapon is in line with his not understanding the case law out there.
  • The ‘high capacity magazines’ he seeks to ban and confiscate are not ‘high capacity’, they are standard capacity. They are also in common use, and the Governor should know better than to think that the government can institute ex post facto bans. At the very least, the state would have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate every gun owner for every magazine they turn in. Connecticut does not have the money necessary to implement such a ban.
  • Safe storage’ laws are unconstitutional. Ask New York state. Their law was deemed by the New York Supreme Court to be ‘unenforceable’ since it was unconstitutional to require residents to keep all of their firearms locked up. (Colaiacovo v Dormer – 2008)

Instead of haphazardly throwing his gun banning agenda around, Governor Malloy should be paying attention to our proposal to open up the background check systems and make them freely and readily available to the public. He might actually meet some of his stated goals without having to make the residents of the State of Connecticut spend millions of dollars fighting his laws in Federal court.

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Connecticut Carry is dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

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D. Murphy

How many of you CT gun owners voted for this democrat?? Happy with what you got??


So Ammoland perpetuates the made-for-tv Sandy Hook massacre hoax? Sandy Hook is right up there with 9/11 for being an obvious inside job. Just type “Sandy Hook Hoax” into YouTube and click the 30 minute 19 second video that is at or near the top.I’m really disappointed with Ammoland for going mainstream and supporting the official myth about Newtown.


Friday morning while waiting for a flight out of Bradley Hartford/Springfield saw our Governor headed for a flight checked to see where it was headed it was Washington DC. Guess he was headed down to get more pointers from the puppet master Obama. Seems like whatever Obama wants our governor will give him. Wish he was like other governors trying to protect our rights not giving them away. Sad days here in Connecticut


Connecticut law 53-202c Possesion of assault weapon prohibited unless proof is given that it was purchased before oct. 1, 1993, (d)And proof of need must be given.


Sink him and state legislatures with emails telling them this is their last term, ever, if they vote or sneak around the will of the people. Call it anything they want, we know who they are. Obama fooled us. No one else ever will.