Enhance Your Dryfire Gun Training with a Laser Activated Shot Reporter

Midwest Tactical Solutions
Midwest Tactical Solutions

Lincoln, Nebraska –-(Ammoland.com)- Midwest Tactical Solutions and Centrolutions are announcing the release of new software called Laser Activated Shot Reporter (LASR).

This computer program is designed to enhance your dryfire training in conjunction with laser dryfire devices, by providing the user with instant feedback on shot placement and time.

LASR has a variety of modes and features to help you get more from your dryfire training. The integrated shot timer has 5 different modes, and the software will audibly call targets by number to further challenge the user.

To enhance enjoyment and value of the program, the program includes an option for LASR to emit a sound, when it detects a hit, providing instant audible feedback. LASR has several adjustable settings, including hit diameter, expected time between shots, camera resolution and much more. The user can also save targets and times for later review and comparison, to see his or her progress over time.

“The benefit of our software is twofold,” said John Wallace, one of the developers of LASR, “You not only get more out of your dryfire practice, but LASR makes it much more fun by simulating a real range, and in turn, you will want to do it more often.”

LASR is compatible with most dryfire laser devices already on the market, such as SIRT devices or Laser Ammo inserts. The only requirement for compatibility is the device should emit a momentary visible laser when the trigger is pulled. The software, not only, notes the time and location of the laser impact, it also will detect laser color. This feature is useful for multiple shooters and multiple weapons. Laser color detection is also useful for off-color take-up lasers in SIRT pistols, when you set the program to ignore a certain laser color.

The software will run on any Windows vista, 7, or 8 computer. No special camera is required, as LASR works with any standard webcam such as those found at your local store for $20-$40. LASR is compatible with almost any target, so you can use the same targets you do for live fire, or get creative and make your own. Licenses for the software start at only $65, making it very competitive with similar products on the market.

“It tells you what happened, just like a real target would at a real range.” said Jason Williams, the other developer behind LASR, “Couple that with the integrated shot timer and other features, and you have an extremely valuable training asset.”

The LASR software made its first debut at a gun show in Lincoln, Nebraska on February 26th and 27th. New and experienced shooters alike, were very enthusiastic about the program, which offers a very economical alternative to current ammo shortages. If you are near the Kansas City area and want to try LASR in person, there will be a booth set up at the Kansas City Gun Show at the KCI Expo Center on February 16th and 17th. The developers plan on having LASR license codes for sale, with some very nice package pricing with SIRT products and Laser Ammo inserts.

If you would like to learn more about Laser Activated Shot Reporter, visit www.mwts-training.com/LASR or contact John by email at [email protected]

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Too complicated to aim and shoot and very costly… iDryfire has a simpler solution and it costs $12.99 without a camera.

Tom K

With ammo either unavailable, or too expensive for us poor people, I'm for any type of gun training that doesn't use expensive ammo. Right now, can't even find good defensive HP ammo.