Virginia’s Gun Ban Bob McDonnell Strikes Again

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-( This VGOC action alert contains:

1. An urgent call to Action to Stop Gun Ban Governor Bob McDonnell’s last minute legislative plan to sneak new gun bans past gun owners. Please use the message below to call the Governor as soon as possible.

2. A cut, copy and paste email to be sent to key legislators who can stop Bob McDonnell’s SB 1377 and SB 1378.

Both bills are designed to entrap and severely punish innocent, unsuspecting gun owners in brand new gun crime traps.

3. An urgent request for a donation to your VGOC to help fund the fight to stop this last minute and unexpected assault on our freedoms by Governor McDonnell by clicking STOP GUN BAN BOB.

But first, let me give the facts:

1. Bob McDonnell has a history of banning guns and then flip-flopping when it is politically convenient.

Gun owners nicknamed him Gun Ban Bob over 10 years ago because he voted for liberal Democrat Governor Doug Wilder’s one gun-a-month gun rationing scheme.

Gun Ban Bob then voted again not to repeal it. McDonnell then voted for the ban on concealed carry in restaurants. And to add insult to injury, Gun Ban Bob even voted against the hunting and fishing amendment.

However, when it is politically convenient Bob McDonnell has flip flopped. As Governor, Gun Ban Bob has signed bills reversing his past gun control record. Repealing the dangerous ban on self defense in restaurants is just one example.

2. But now Bob McDonnell is up to his old gun ban tricks.

That’s right!

Gun Ban Bob just dumped several bills into the legislature using the Governor’s privilege to introduce a bill any time he wants provided he can find a bill sponsor.

I will only focus on the two most dangerous bills.

Gun Ban Bob used his political lap-dogs Senator Stuart and Garrett to sponsor SB 1377 and SB 1378.

Both bills are designed to do what all politicians of Gun Ban Bob’s ilk always do – – appear to do something while doing NOTHING.

Both bills are touted as “public safety” bills but in reality they DON’T DO ONE $%#^&$ (excuse my french but this makes me mad) thing to protect innocent children from being slaughtered in Bob McDonnell’s Criminal Safe Zones – – public and private schools.

SB 1377, the Parents Entrapment Bill, actually throws a grandpa in jail for one year if he “has reason to believe” that the gun he gave his grandson violated the law.


How is grandpa supposed to know what is reasonable?

Who decides what or what is not going on in grandpa’s head?

Is there any liberal gun banning judge that won’t use this outrageous attack on decent law-abiding Americans as a pretext for throwing a lot of grandpas in jail?

SB 1378, The Gun Owner’s Entrapment Bill, is just that. It entraps gun owners for carrying concealed in places Gun Ban Bob does not want kids to be protected from imminent harm – – schools.

That’s right!

Gun Ban Bob wants to make you and me a felon so that he can disarm us if we inadvertently carry concealed in a school.

I assume you have heard of speed traps?

Sadly, this is a gun trap.

The language of SB 1378 says that if you carry concealed and “intend to commit a felony” then snooze you lose.

You get to pass home and go straight to jail.

That may be funny, playing the board game monopoly, but it isn’t funny to VGOC members.

Intends to commit?

Again, who gets to play God and look into the inner archives of a man’s mind?

Of course the pseudo-science crowd will have a field day providing all sorts of experts at your trial to tell you what you were thinking and intending but that is beside the point.

These outrageous attacks on innocent law-abiding gun owners MUST STOP.

And Gun Ban Bob must be stopped.

If you agree I hope you will take a moment and help me mobilize thousands of Virginia gun owners. As bad as these so-called “public safety” bills are the real outrage is the purpose behind them.

Will these so-called “public safety” bills stop innocent kids from being murdered?

Of course not, and everyone knows it.

These bills make helpless gun grabbers feel better by appearing to do something while doing NOTHING.

And if Gun Ban Bob can make them happy while fooling you and me into doing nothing then he has the best of both worlds.

But I intend to wreck his little gun ban party and I trust you will join me.

Obviously, you and I both know that entrapping innocent gun owners – – or even a few criminals – – will do NOTHING to stop the slaughter of innocent kids next week.

Both of these gun ban bills come out of the Governor’s so-called Crime Commission created as a response to the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT.

But clearly, in reality the commission is the Governor’s 2016 Presidential Bid Commission.

You see, Bob McDonnell wants to be president or vice-president in 2016.

Unfortunately, Gun Ban Bob is willing to stand on the dead bodies of little kids to further his political ambitions.

Quite honestly, I am beyond outrage at any politician who dares to use the murders in CT. to further their political ambition.

The only way I can describe it is from the scene in the movie Braveheart – – the story of William Wallace and Scottish independence in 1315 A.D. – – where Robert the Bruce tells William that his anger looks like rage. Wallace responded “Oh, it is beyond rage”.

My rage at these political opportunists has turned to a cold-as-steel resolve to mobilize an army of NO-MORE-EXCUSES gun owners to motivate these flip-flopping politicians to remember their oaths of office.

If we fail then we can return the favor of doing NOTHING as they dig their political graves.

So please, join me in letting Gun Ban Bob and his key political allies – – political lap dogs – – in the House of Delegates know what you think about Bob McDonnell’s bid for the presidency at the expense of innocent little school children.

It is urgent that you ACT TODAY because the Virginia legislature ends this weekend.

To make matters worse, all the obedient Republican Senators have already supported their political party boss by passing SB 1377 and 1378 at lightning speed.

I doubt any Senator even read the bills because when I talked to my delegate, Todd Gilbert, he was clueless until I made him read them.

Sad isn’t it – – that you and I have to do the job for these guys who were supposedly elected to read the bills for us?

So please act QUICKLY.

The two gun ban bills come up in House sub-committee tonight.

There is still time to kill them.

In fact, my delegate, Todd Gilbert has promised me on Sunday afternoon to kill them or get a full recorded house floor vote if he fails.

Gilbert is not a Bob Marshall, who almost always stands on principle, but he does tend to see the light after feeling the heat.

Gilbert has a history of flip-flopping back and forth depending on who he is talking to.

Recently Gilbert was for a gun ban bill that the NRA was pushing (see video of NRA MANAGER CHUCK CUNNINGHAM SELLING GUN CONTROL) before he was against it and then for it and finally against it.

But Gilbert’s flip-flopping gives you and me an opportunity to stop Gun Ban Bob – – if we can create enough heat for Mr. Gilbert to see the light)

You see, Todd Gilbert is also Speaker Howell’s deputy Majority Leader – – a fancy name for the Speaker’s fix-it-man.

Todd Gilbert is the one man who can kill this bill the easiest.

But he is caught between doing his political boss’s bidding and honoring his oath of office.

Mr. Gilbert told me yesterday that he wants to kill Gun Ban Bob’s bills but he is waffling under pressure from his party boss, Speaker Howell.

Now you know why it is so critical that you:

1. Call Gun Ban Bob Today at 804-786-2111.

Leave these two messages by calling twice if needed:

First message: Please tell Governor McDonnell to ask Speaker Howell to have Courts of Justice Chairman Albo kill SB 1377 and 1378. Virgnia does not need new feel good gun ban bills that entrap innocent law-abiding gun owners in a gun ban trap.

Second message: Please remind Governor McDonnell that VGOC president, Mike McHugh, knows gun lobby leaders in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina who will not take kindly to the Governor using the Sandy Hook Tragedy as a platform to promote his run for President at the expense of innocent school children who need immediate protection, not feel good gun bans to make the anti-gun lobby happy.

2. Cut, copy and paste the email below to Todd Gilbert and the key legislators who can help Mr. Gilbert kill Gun Ban Bob’s gun control agenda.

3. Make a generous donation at STOP GUN BAN BOB to help me mobilize an increasing number of Virginia Gun Owners.

So please cut, copy, and paste the email below to:

GOP Deputy Majority Leader, Todd Gilbert at [email protected]

GOP candidate for Lt. Governor and Committee Chair Scott Lingamfelter at [email protected]

GOP Candidate for Attorney General and GOP Vice Chair Courts of Justice and GOP Chair of two GOP subcommittees Rob Bell at [email protected]


Dear Delegate (NAME HERE)

Please stop Governor McDonnell’s Gun Owner Entrapment bills SB 1377 and 1378.

Please don’t join the Governor in using the Sandy Hook Tragedy for political gain.

These bills only harass innocent gun owners while doing NOTHING to protect innocent little school kids.



For Liberty,

PS. Gun Ban Bob is on the gun control warpath again.

Please Take ACTION immediately by calling Bob McDonnell and sending your emails and being as generous as you can.

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition is Virginia’s only no-compromise, non-partisan gun lobby patterned after Gun Owners of America on Capitol Hill. VGOC is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(4) of the IRS code. Because we lobby politicians to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. Visit:

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The message says it is out of service…804-786-2111.

William Woodward

What ever happened to the idea that our elected officials are supposed to represent ALL THE PEOPLE not just the special interest groups. I am sick and tired of LAW ABIDING Citizens taking the blame for others……….