Connecticut Senator Joan Hartley Uses Public Hearing As Anti-Rights Soapbox

Grills Mossberg VP, accuses them of producing weapons ‘only meant to kill’.

Connecticut Senator Joan Hartley
Connecticut Senator Joan Hartley
Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Hartford, Connecticut –-( Connecticut Carry is disgusted at the grand standing of Senator Joan Hartley, who is the Chair of the Public Safety and Security Committee, in her grilling of Mossberg Vice President and Legal Counsel Joseph Bartozzi.

In what is supposed to be an unbiased hearing where they are to learn from the public and from industry speakers; Senator Hartley chose instead to accuse Mossberg of creating products that are ‘only meant to kill’.

Senator Hartley later went on to grill both Mossberg and Mark Malkowski of Stag Arms, two very large, responsible and excellent firearms manufacturers in Connecticut, about their contributions to the National Rifle Association. This demonizing of our industry by attempting to demonize their involvement in pro-rights issues and organizations is unacceptable and ridiculous. What money a company or an individual contribute to a group devoted to protecting their rights is not only ‘none of their business’, but it is also easily found through a request to the NRA’s various charity organizations which Federal laws and tax code make freely available.

She also sought to demonize manufacturers like Sturm Ruger by trying to ascertain whether they donated to the Newtown victim’s funds. As if the manufacturers of firearms have a duty or responsibility to donate a portion of their corporate treasury to the victims of a madman which they had nothing to do with.

These are inflammatory and biased comments that have no place in our legislature.

Senator Hartley should be ashamed of her ridiculous statements and accusations that only seek to demonize and segregate a portion of our population in Connecticut. Guns are not at all only meant to kill. A vast majority of guns never kill anyone or anything and most likely never will. A vast majority of gun owners have never killed anyone or anything and hope that they never have to use their firearm to injure or to take the life of someone else who is trying to hurt them.

Senator Hartley’s insensitive and generalized comments about an entire industry and portion of Connecticut residents are unacceptable and she owes an apology to the gun owners and gun manufacturers of Connecticut.

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Connecticut Carry is dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

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Was she refering to the charity set up 3 days prior to the shooting in Newton. I always figured politicians and lawyers were bottom feeding scumfish, now I see useless needs to be added. You know this woman looking the way she does is probably jealous because the men in her life preferred to spend time cleaning and oiling and shooting more than being seen in public with her. I sure would


The article didn’t say she was a Democrat but I figure she is, correct?. I would really like to know how the Democratic Party kept the planning for this all out assault on the 2nd Amendment a secret. Yeah we all knew Barack was a major anti-gunner, but he really did keep his folks in line until he unleashed them after Newtown. This level of coordinated attack in so many states and Federally takes some serious planning. How did it not leak out before before their orchestrated roll-out?


535 politicians against 315 million Americans.

Who is going to win?

Jersey Mark

I’m trying hard not to laugh. Just look at her, sitting up there, looking down on her subjects. Chastising, pontificating, doing her very best to make manufacturers bend to her will. Where do these people come from? We, as voters, must start doing better research and start weeding out these 60’s, pot smoking, free love, what ever make you feel good hippies from government. They are not interested in representing, they want to rule. From the top down, they want to rule.


Remember in November, every stinking, lying, scumbag politician who pushed for, or voted for any gun control measure. Run every one of the useless bastards out of office and into the unemployment line!

E. Zach Lee-Wright

Hartley is actually a middle of the road Democrat usually. I am not sure why she decided to go off the deep end over Mossberg. Perhaps she thought she needed to re-establish some cred with Connecticut’s liberals. A little research would have helped her however. Known for reliable pump shotguns, .22 rifles, and a decent deer rifle, I am not aware of any gun on Diane Finklestein’s list of hundreds of “bad guns” made by Mossberg. Maybe it’s a good time for Mossberg to consider a move to Tennessee. No state income taxes, a strong freedom culture, better weather, and… Read more »


It’s particularly egregious that she accused Mossberg of manufacturing products “only meant to kill” after Joe Biden gave his sage advice, “Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.” If Mr. Bartozzi had reminded her of this, that may have shut her up right quick when she realized she was condemning the VP (for advising people to go out and buy deadly weapons) with her attack on Mossberg. It’s time we stopped pussy-footing around this subject and just admit, “Yes, most firearms are either designed to kill, or can be used to kill. There are people in the world who need killing,… Read more »

Sue B

Bluedog – That’s a great reason to kick them all out of office and put them all in jail – just think how much money the country would save, in salaries, pensions, benefits, pork barrels, entitlement programs that wouldn’t get voted into existence, other entitlement programs that the few honest politicians left could repeal. All that money could be used to pay off the national debt!


Wes, If we tried her and all the others in goverment of treason we would have to shut dowm D.C. and most of the states. I only wish we could find her guilty and the rest of the crooks.


Hartley is just another Feinstein clone and a washed out aging hippie communist trash bag! She took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and she has failed miserably in that regard. In my book, she is guilty of treason and should face the consequences!