Thousands Of Gun Rights Activists Show Up a Few Dozen Anti-Rights Activists

Pro-rights activists far outnumber anti-rights activists once again at the Legislature.

Thousands Of Gun Rights Activists Show Up a Few Dozen Anti-Rights Activists
Thousands Of Gun Rights Activists Show Up a Few Dozen Anti-Rights Activists
Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Hartford, Connecticut –-( Once again, thousands of pro-liberty activists descended on the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

They were met by a Public Safety and Security Committee that was mostly absent from the hearing, legislators that noticeably disappeared when Colt Manufacturing dropped off busloads of employees that filled the building.

They were also met by handful of anti-rights activists who were quickly overwhelmed by the thousands of pro-rights activists in attendance.

This is not surprising. The January rally of pro-rights activists netted thousands of people that filled the entire back half of the Capitol Building. When the anti-rights activists later held a rally, they ended up with a quarter of the attendance, despite the inaccurate media reports to the contrary.

On Monday, there was a pro-liberty ‘Lobby Day’ where over three thousand activists showed up and tried to track down their legislators. The governor fled Hartford and instead lobbied in New London, avoiding the possibility of confronting people head on about the issues he wants to legislate against. But that is OK. The governor’s job is not to hear from or represent the people. Then again, his job is also not to develop or promote legislation either.

On Wednesday, there was an anti-rights ‘Lobby Day’ where ‘dozens’ of people showed up, although photos and video from the event showed approximately ‘a dozen’. These people were welcomed warmly by legislators, despite being in the clear minority. The bias is evident.

Today, March 14th 2013, thousands of people packed the legislative office building to express their pro-liberty stances. Very few anti-rights activists were present. This should be clear evidence of the public’s opinion about this issue.

The legislature and the governor are very incorrect that we are some sort of minority or ‘fringe of the fringe’. We are the majority, and we vote. We are the people who actually understand the issues and we will continue to be active and vocal about this issue. Legislators should be warned that they have awakened a lot of single issue voters and that those voters will be watching their coming actions very closely.  We will not succumb to your lies in the future. You will uphold your oath to uphold the state and federal Constitutions, and you will protect our rights.

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Connecticut Carry is dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

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Just make sure to remove its shoes as not to leave stains on the carpet from them

D. Murphy

The democrats have awakened a sleeping giant..I hope it steps on them.

Cecil Flentge

So how did you end up with politicians like that? You know the answer, start getting more involved in issues of candidates than parties.


The more of these sorts of things I read and hear about the more I come to understand why the kids in school today are not taught about patiotism, the American Revolution, Taxation without representation, tyrany of government power over a majority and the hiof American recourse to same. For some time it was a bit of a mystery but its becoming very clear.


Not too many people remember or even know about the Battle of Athens (USA, not Greece). Worth looking up!


When the system quits working for us, it is broken and can’t be fixed. The US is the only country in the world that is run by the minority. It is time for revolution when our votes no longer count. Time to drag the politicians out in the streets and take care of them like the French did in their revolution.