CanCooker Introduces the 2-Gallon CanCooker Jr. for Smaller Get-Togethers

CanCooker Jr
CanCooker Jr

FREMONT, Neb. – -( CanCooker, the company that re-invented the old-fashioned-creamery-style can as an innovative, portable convection oven that steam-cooks a complete high-quality meal for a large group of diners almost effortlessly in just an hour, has introduced the 2-gallon CanCooker Jr. to make the same great meals for smaller parties.

Like the original 4-gallon CanCooker, the new CanCooker Jr. is constructed of a highly conductive, thick-walled, FDA-grade, one-piece 1060 aluminum body with a wide-mouth vented lid and a premium high-temperature silicone gasket. Weighing only 3 lbs. and measuring 7 inches tall and 10 inches wide, the new CanCooker Jr. is ideal for your smaller gatherings—no matter where they happen.

The CanCooker Jr. isn’t your mother’s crockpot. Rather than boiling, the CanCooker Jr. efficiently converts liquid in the bottom of the container into steam that circulates within its shouldered design to create natural convection for faster and more even cooking—all without boiling away the nutrients or combining flavors. The results are a tender, healthy and delicious feast for family and friends.

The CanCooker Jr. is exceptionally easy to use. Simply add 12 ounces of your favorite liquid recipe for seasoning, load it up with the rest of the ingredients—from surf to turf, layered with your favorite vegetables—lock down the top, and then cook it over any heat source that will boil water. About 40 to 45 minutes after you see steam emitting from the lid’s vent, your dinner will be ready to serve. Thanks to its hard anodizing, steam-convection method of cooking and a light coating of non-stick spray, cleanup with soap and water is a snap.

Built with stainless steel handles, locking latches and rivets, the CanCooker Jr. was designed to confidently provide decades of meals for camping trips, hunting camps, tailgate parties, backyard get-togethers and simple family dinners in the kitchen.

“Cater to your crowd,” and feed them well with a CanCooker Jr. The new CanCooker Jr. is available now with a convenient storage bag for a suggested retail price of $59.99. The CanCooker Rack, which fits either the CanCooker or CanCooker Jr., is available separately for $13.99.

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Headquartered in Fremont, NE, CanCooker was originally introduced in 2009. It is a new, unique outdoor cooking device that allows you to cook a lot of food without a lot of work. CanCooker makes a complete meal for large groups in about an hour and can work with any heat source, inside or out—from the stovetop to the grill to the campfire. For additional information, write to Seth McGinn’s CanCooker, 925 West 6th St., Fremont, NE 68025; call toll-free 877-844-2772; or visit Visit us on Facebook

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There’s a small hole in the lid. Steam vents through that. That’s when you know you’re cooking.


Don’t let Diane Feinstein know about it. It has features she would I’m sure ban.

5 War Veteran

Uh, (poor taste)

What is the fragmentation ratio of this vessel at 2000 psi?

You know a couple weeks ago that comment and concept would have never crossed my mind. Times are a changin!


Where is the steam safety release?
Or does it just get toohot with the lid-on and explode?