California DOJ Bureau Of Firearms Severely Backlogged Issuing Licenses & Permits

A Right Delayed is a Right Denied
California DOJ Bureau Of Firearms Severely Backlogged In Issuing Licenses & Permits

San Diego, CA –-( In light of the recent increase in applications for firearm purchases as well as the reshuffling of personnel, the California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has become severely backlogged in conducting background checks and issuing various licenses and permits.

Turnaround times for Personal Firearms Eligibility Checks and Law Enforcement Gun Release Applications, along with common background checks for firearm acquisition, are seeing unprecedented delays.

The licenses and permits delayed include dangerous weapons permits, certificates of eligibility (“COE”), large-capacity magazine (LCM) permits, entertainment firearms permits, and centralized list of firearm dealers permits. Currently, the DOJ is issuing temporary permits to avoid any lapses in the renewal of licenses and permits.

Because of the flood of calls concerning these delays, DOJ has stopped answering its phones. There is a recorded message informing licensees and permitteees that it may take up to eight weeks in processing any renewals.

Generally, DOJ does not send out renewal notices until 30 days before the licenses or permits are set to expire.

All federal firearms licensees and permittees should review their permits and licenses for the expiration dates.

Licensees and permittees should have any necessary supplemental paperwork prepared up to two months before filing a renewal. Once the renewal notice is received from the DOJ, the necessary paperwork should promptly be submitted to ensure that there will be no lapses in any licenses or permits.

If a license or permit has expired and no renewal license or permit has been sent, make sure that you have a valid temporary license or permit from the DOJ in the meantime.

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david a bruemmer

only 30 days since i saw thexDOJ cashed my check but nothing , not even a recept yet

sly Whittle



Just a simple question. Who/what/where, do I make inquiry re the renewal of my COE? It expires in Sept. Sent renewal info in July.


How can you check the status of a LEGR – Gun Release Application DOJ-Firearm Bureau is a complete Joke! worthless! Crooks! any how i’m going on 60 days and no sign of progress any help or guidance is much appreciated.


any luck? I’m in the same boat.


Going on 30 days in delay to acquire my first gun. I am squeaky clean. Tried calling CA DOJ with no answer from live person. Sent them
Emails and got a form letter. Called my congressman. No reply. Called my local county. Verified my record is clean. County stated that No one has called to verify my record. I even included my SS#. This is negligence. All I want is for them to do their job and what was promised. And the dealer most likely won’t release firearm after 30 Days. Unbelievable.


This is outrageous, I’ve been waiting over 30 days since they cashed my check which they did approx. two weeks after i sent it, for them to process my LEGR. These delays are not circumstances beyond their control, they are intentional, they controlled these circumstances when they forced unconstitutional laws upon us, and when they blew threw their budgets like irresponsible spoiled brats.


It’s been 12 weeks and im still on hold. How long can they tie this up? Isnt there a time limit?


Southern California has always been my favorite place to vacation and party.I guess I will start going to Florida from now on, because there is no reason to help that socialist gov./economy they have in place now. HBH


Oops!! EXPIRED!!

YESSSS!! I did gradutate!! ” grammar school” lol


What a bunch of crap!! Guess they should have thought of this before passing all their new draconian gun laws!! Law abiding citizens shouldnt be punished because the State of CA cant get its shit together!! Especialy DRAGGING ASS ON EXPIREL PERMITS!!