California: Oakland Tries To Circumvent California Gun Control Rules

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Cam Edwards talks to California attorney Chuck Michel about this article from CBS News: Oakland Tries To Circumvent California Gun Control Rules .

“A public hearing was scheduled for Friday in Oakland to discuss a proposed state law that would allow Oakland to essentially circumvent California’s existing gun regulations in favor of something one city councilwoman suggested is better suited for violence-plagued Oakland.”

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Brian Birchler

California needs everyones help. All the Cali gun owners I know stood with the country and emailed wrote and called despite already having those laws imposed upon us for years. We understand the importance of stand together and all should know that gun laws in one place become the model for others. We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA so stand united and voice your oppinion to our lawmakers it takes a much higher ratio to persuade these fools a majority is not enough


Just another step towards banning all guns…. This isn’t a good sign!