Gun Bills Headed to the Texas Governor’s Desk

Today in the Texas Legislature

Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-( Today, May 6th 2013, two pro-gun bills finally passed in the Texas Legislature.

SB 864 by Senator Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels), the Senate companion to HB 47 by Representative Dan Flynn (R-Van), is headed toward the Governor's desk. SB 864 will reduce the number of hours for a concealed handgun license to “not less than four or more than six” and will not include time on the shooting range or the range proficiency exam.

Rep. Flynn severs on the House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety. He's a long-time friend to TSRA and to Texas gun-owners. This is Senator Donna Campbell's first session in the Texas Legislature. Her counties include parts of Bexar, Travis, Guadalupe, and Hays plus all of Comal and Kendall County. We applaud her hard work and enthusiasm on behalf of Texans and CHLs.

SB 299 by Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls), the Senate companion to HB 1304 by Representative Kenneth Sheets (R-Dallas), is also headed to Governor Perry's desk. SB 299 adds a more clear meaning in Texas law for “intentional failure to conceal” by a licensee.

Representative Kenneth Sheets serves on the House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety where he regularly adds his voice in support of law-abiding gun-owners and Texas concealed handgun licensees. Senator Craig Estes serves Texans in 14 North Texas counties and was awarded TSRA's Legislator of the Year award for passing a comprehensive range protection bill in 2011.

  • More updates to follow as good-gun bills continue to move in the Texas Legislature.
  • These pro-gun bills and others can be read and researched at Texas Legislature on Line
  • Members, the bills above are complete, others are still moving in the process. Session ends May 27th.

Keep the Faith,

Alice Tripp
Legislative DirectorTexas State Rifle Association

About:The Mission of the Texas State Rifle Association is to protect and defend the inalienable rights of the individual Texan to acquire, possess, transport, carry, transfer ownership and enjoy the right to lawful use of firearms for self preservation, for the defense of family and property and the common defense of the Republic and the individual liberties of the people. Visit:

  • 11 thoughts on “Gun Bills Headed to the Texas Governor’s Desk

    1. gym123, all the more reason we should all teach our children at home from an early age to safely handle and shoot various firearms. I had my first firearm at age 12. I am nearly 53 now and have enjoyed a lifetime of safe and rewarding gun ownership. My high school also taught a firearms safety course. How many schools do that now?

    2. My Dear GYM123 and TJ my comment will be short. Check the stats on CHL involved shooting, nationwide, quit you “what iffing” and “yeah buts” then come back with a new outlook and post.

    3. A GOOD CHL Instructor will tell the students in the class that they should “Practice, practice, practice” Taking the class doesn’t make for a strong shooter- The shooting qualification makes sure that they can hit what they are aiming at. The classroom portion goes over the laws you need to know and gives scenarios to get you thinking about how and when you use your gun. But you still need to keep practicing with your weapon (even if you don’t have a CHL and own a gun you need to practice to keep getting better) Most of us Gun owners are trained and practice using our firearms to keep proficient.

    4. @gym123: I’d guess by your use of the acronym CCP that you do not live in Texas. In the State of Texas, it is called a CHL (Concealed Handgun License). If you don’t live in Texas, then what concern is it of yours? Let the people in Texas worry about the laws there.

    5. Gym123 runs his mouth before he knows what hes talking about.People that do that are morons among idiots.I like the part where he implies that we should be able to shoot left or right handed equally good.How about shooting in the dark too ? HBH

    6. Gym123 may mistakenly think the bill eliminates the proficiency requirement portion. It does not. All the bill does is reduce the number of CLASSROOM hours to get the permit as well as allow for online CLASSROOM training for people with current permits to renew their permit.

    7. I think gym123 is advocating that if you are going to carry, train. Everybody has the right, unfortunately a lot probably don’t have the common sense or take time to develop the skills necessary to do it responsibly.
      It doesn’t help our cause to have hot dogs out there, just sayin’….

    8. Oregon doesn’t require a shooting range test, and we don’t see the imaginary scenarios GYM dreamed up.

    9. gym123,several remarks in your post are so ridiculous I won’t even comment.Gov.Perry,AG Abbott,Sen.Cruz among so many others will make damn sure that the rights of Texans to exercise their Constitutional freedoms will never be infringed. “Texas like a whole other country” God and Texas ! HBH

    10. I think it’s a mistake to assume people are proficient with guns when allowing concealed carry. I wouldn’t want to hit someone and I definitely don’t want some gung-ho pinhead blasting wildly just because he got his CCP and decided that he wants to clean up the streets. My next door neighbor was laying on her bed when a slug came through the bedroom window, fired from 1.5 miles away. I don’t want the gov’t to crawl up every orifice I have but we need to think about what would happen if people take a little class, get their permit and see a need to fire, without being able to hit their ass with either hand. If I ever see someone with a CCP and they hold their gun sideways, I’m gonna tap them with a ball peen hammer. I don’t want everyone to carry- that’s just asking for trouble. I want people who can carry responsibly. It’s a matter of quality over quantity.

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