Recall of Anti-Second Amendment Colorado Senate President John Morse Gets Real Traction

Anti-2nd Amendment Senate President's team begins robo calls and reputation attacks.

Basic Freedom Defense Fund
Basic Freedom Defense Fund

Colorado Springs, CO – Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) A Colorado grassroots group is heading the recall of State Senate President John Morse (D) Colorado Springs, for his “…aggressive attacks and for actively leading legislating against the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights”–Anthony Garcia, BFDF spokesman. (

According to Garcia–“Personnel working for BFDF to help collect signatures for Senator Morse's recall were the subject of known erroneous radio attack ads for the Morse political machine headed by Ed Hall, Chairman of the Denver Democrats and the filing agent for a recently established Morse anti-recall group called “A Whole Lot of People for John Morse.”

Hall is known for referring to Colorado's second-largest city, Colorado Springs, as a “…right-wing, religious whack-job stronghold.” on his Democratic Party website biography.*

Thousands of concerned and outraged Colorado registered voters in Morse's district have already signed petitions to get the recall of Morse on the next ballot. BFDF staffers expect to gather far more signatures for Morse's recall than are necessary.

Unhappy former supporters of Senator Morse have reported to BFDF that they are now on the receiving end of robo calls asking for support of Morse in this early stage of the recall effort.

Early in 2013, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg – a staunch opponent of individual citizen firearm ownership and pro big government mayor – paid for and imported legal mercenaries and lobbyists into Colorado to attack the 2nd Amendment and citizen firearm ownership in the state.

Additionally Bloomberg's operation hired a Colorado consulting firm to lobby for anti-2nd Amendment laws in the state.

“BFDF expects that Bloomberg money will try to keep Morse in office during the recall effort as a reward for Morse's anti-2nd Amendment activities. Morse has made it very clear he is a servant of Bloomberg.”–Anthony Garcia, BFDF spokesperson.

More information about BFDF as well as links for corporate and individual financial support and volunteering are available at the BFDF website,

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund
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Financial and media support: If you and or your audience are interested in supporting this recall effort and what it might mean for your state if successful, please direct any financial support to the website at

  • 6 thoughts on “Recall of Anti-Second Amendment Colorado Senate President John Morse Gets Real Traction

    1. Folks not in Colorado Springs need to understand how bad it’s getting out here. I just listened to a radio ad by a pro-Morse group that suggests to listeners that the recall folks could be rapists, and that you shouldn’t open your door to them. This should be making national news.

      1. I get paid tomorrow. I’ll be flipping a few bucks to the BFDF. This fight is OUR fight. I can’t come out there and gather petitions, but I can buy a couple bottles of water for those who are actually doing the legwork.

        Yes, Bloomberg has a lot of money. But we have more. Lots more. We can beat him so badly that no one will want to carry his banner after he has fallen.

    2. They should sue gloomberg to. but wait until he is tied up in so many lawsuits he doesn’t know what is happening!!! You know they are coming, and he has made it clear he wants to spend his money attacking the constitution I say let him spend it on attorney fees, and court costs in any state he attacks with his money. I bet the attack fund dries up fast!

    3. I have not understood why someone has Not taken these anti Gun, Anti 2nd Amendment Laws to Court.. It says, “Shall Not Be Infringed”.. Therefore, No Laws should Be Enacted against it. Isn’t that what we have a Supreme Court for? To Uphold the Constitution? We also have the Declaration of Independence, and a Militia.

      1. We have a SCOTUS that has studiously avoided the question for roughly a century.

        That is just one more reason why it is important to vote this November. I’ll be voting for Donald J. Trump and sending other conservatives to Congress to back him up. Donald isn’t perfect, but he’s the best we’ve got this election season. In 2020 we’ll have a track record to look at.

        In the meantime, we ALL need to examine ALL of our local officials and ALL of our legislators with a magnifying glass before giving them our votes in EVERY election that comes up.

        Every incumbent has a track record that is public information. If it tastes bad, make THEM eat it.

    4. Let the message go forth to all Statists that “you attact the Constitution and there is a price to be paid”. I hope CO can get rid of this guy.

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