TSA or Terminally Spineless Administration Caves – No Small Knives on Planes

TSA No Small Knives on Planes
TSA No Small Knives on Planes

Gilbert, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- Common sense has once again fallen victim to overheated, hyperbolic and emotionally charged politics.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has caved to political pressure from flight attendants unions and others and has renounced its previously announced change in policy that would have allowed small knives on passenger aircraft.

Despite all the commonsense and rational arguments in favor of the change, TSA Administrator John Pistole said:

“after extensive engagement with the Aviation Security Advisory Committee, law enforcement officials, passenger advocates, and other important stakeholders, TSA will continue to enforce the current prohibited items list.”

The proposed change would have aligned the TSA Prohibited Items List with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Prohibited Items List, making airline travel more consistent for international passengers.

As we have pointed out previously, the emotional outcry and political opposition ignored the fact that TSA already allows onboard knitting needles, scissors up to 4-inches and screwdrivers and tools up to 7-inches in length, all of which can be easily used as a weapon. The under 2.4-inch folding knives that would have been allowed posed no greater threat.

In the meantime, scarce resources will continue to be wasted harassing travelers; resources that would be better spent concentrating on serious threats from bombs and other much more dangerous devices.

The TSA is living up to one of its many pejorative nickname, the Terminally Stupid Administration. Perhaps we should change that to Terminally Spineless Administration?

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how long before we have to fly naked?


We have been so emasculated as a people that this was the inevitable result. This topic came up among my friends not long ago. I was the only voice for allowing these small knives. I tried to point out that most recent interventions stopping hijackings was more to do with passengers fighting back than TSA regulations. They want to feel ‘safe’. They’ve been taught not to fight for so long they no longer can fight.