Win A Weekend With Get A Grip Program In Atlanta

Nikki Turpeaux
Nikki Turpeaux
Archangel Tactical
Archangel Tactical

Alpharetta, Ga. –-(  It’s time to celebrate another amazing year for the Get A GRIP program with CEO (5.11 Tactical Training Ambassador) Nikki Turpeaux and the team of Archangel Tactical, LLC, in Atlanta from Aug. 16 through 18 2013.

This year’s guest of honor will be Julie Goloski Golob, Captain of Team Smith & Wesson. Golob is a veteran of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, who went on to compete internationally.  She presently holds more than 120 titles in state, regional and international competitions.

If you enter and win, you’ll get a weekend pass to train with some of the very best instructors in the industry and learn skills for defending yourself and the ones you love. The weekend includes access to a private reception with Julie Golob, Kick-off Dinner with sponsors, supporters and the team of Archangel Tactical and Get A GRIP Defense. The prize also includes 2 days at the range training in the disciplines in defensive pistol, shotgun, carbine, unarmed defense, and IDPA Skills. This weekend even includes a night-shoot, sponsored by LaserMax and souvenir photos sponsored by Brownells.

Hotlanta is the place to be for this power-packed weekend. All you have to do is show up, the rest is on us! Link to full details on the Event Homepage.

(Winners are responsible for their own travel & accommodations.) Visit Archangel Tactical.

To enter, leave a comment about why you need to “Get A Grip” and spend the weekend training in Atlanta with Nikki and her team!

The contest ends Mon., Aug. 5th 2013.

To enter the contest, visit Women’s Outdoor News. (

Archangel Tactical provides high quality tactical and defensive training throughout the United States. Based in Alpharetta, Ga., and Houston, Texas, Turpeaux and her mobile-training unit offers a wide range of tactical courses in handgun, shotgun, rifle disciplines, along with its popular Get A G.R.I.P. Ladies program. Visit Archangel Tactical.

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Shawn Childress

With the current state of affairs in this country,I think its of the utmost importance to learn how to effectively operate a firearm.

Im an experienced shooter,but have never had the benefit of training from a professional and would love to be able to pass that along to family and friends.

And it would be a blast,pun intended.

Kathy Chandler

This is the type of training opportunity that inspires me to keep training! I am a NRA Instructor and the more tools in my belt, the better able I am to help the next student. These wonderful women have the skills I want to and need to learn….to Get a Grip!


What a great opportunity! I’d love the chance to learn from Nikki, Julie, and the rest of the team. I am an experienced shooter and trainer, but want to keep learning more both for my own knowledge and so that I can include it in the instruction I give to others. This is an especially exciting weekend to me because my background is in both self-defense/tactical and competition shooting, so I love that they’re combined here.


This would be a great opportunity. I have checked the classes @ Stoddard, and it is just not affordable. My father taught me young how to shoot. He was on the Army. I would love to win this. Upgrade my skills, and be able to teach my 2 younger daughters that are still @ home. My twin daughters are in the Navy. I am a single parent, and have always put others first. I would like something like this for me. That would be awesome!


Any weekend away is good but a weekend away to shoot…priceless! I need to get better so I should learn from the best. Thanks, Susan


I would love to win this so I could take my daughter (who is 15 yrs old) It would be great for her to learn from the best so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about her. Plus I think she would be more eager to learn from a lady.


Being in law enforcement and knowing my gun fighting are important to my partners’ lives and the lives of the community that I took the oath to protect, I often seek opportunities to better myself so I can be of a better service. Whether it’s Krav Maga or learning a different language, I’m always eager to learn. I’m entering this contest because I can not afford training of this caliber at this moment and most of my agency’s firearm courses are limited due to the ability of ammunition.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


This would be a perfect opportunity to improve my skills and become better than my husband. He would want that since his biggest worry in life is that something would happen to me. This would give me the chance to show him this is one less thing to worry about.

Melonie Matarozzo

I would love this weekend for me and my daughters. We use firearms often at the range, but if I could bring the skills I learn at this weekend home to them it would add to our confidence with firearms and our personal safety.

Denise Trimmier

I need a “Get A Grip” Weekend for myself because well being married to a police officer I get to hear all of the horror stories about women that are not prepared. I also have a wonderful 10 year old daughter that is quite the firearms enthusiast and she could use the weekend.


Christi F

What an exciting weekend of training, I am always on the look out for great training opportunities and this looks amazing!

Heather Walker

I am a high school teacher in Texas and am pro-carry in the classroom! However, only with significant training! I NEED more training to fight for the right to defend my students! PLEASE! Pick me!

Chuck Carrig

I want to send my wife to “Get a Grip”. She needs to attend a course and become comfortable shooting pistols more so than I.